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Specular High Five





Our goal is to anatomize an art piece which we are stealing from the Boijmans Museum.

We take an artpiece and disassemble all essential visual data like the colours, shadows, contour and specular highlight.

Therefore we need different tools to measure these different data.

Set up.png Set Up

Object.png Art Object

Refelectie.png Reflection

Shadow.png Shadow

Specular.png Specular Highlight

Texture.png Texture

Panoramatest.jpg Panoramatest for specular/reflection of the art object Test with 123D catch

Frog.png The artwork we have chosen: Frog Table by Hella Jongerius


Measuring tools to capture the data we need:

  • 123Dcatch - to capture an overall 3D view
  • photocamera - to capture colour, shadow, specular highlight

123catch.jpg 123D catch program

Catch.jpg Catching the frog


Render passes

Lasercutfrog.JPG Lasercutfrog2.JPG Making the digital renderpasses physical using lasercut


After we've collected all data in their original shapes we would like to make them tangible again by lasercutting the shapes in materials that match the data.

These 2dimensional shapes will be presented in a sort of 'mobile' to make it 3dimensional again, like the artpiece from Boijmans in an abstract way, but when you look from the side you still see all the different data layers the artpiece consist out of.

Mrfrog1.JPG Mrfrog2.JPG 

Frogpres.JPG Kidnap.jpg A letter for the artist