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Soyeon Lim --


May 11

E.jpg B.jpg C.jpg A.jpg

pic 1. parallel circuit

pic 2. led

pic 3. resistance

pic 4. group of resistance

(Exercise was about finding the ohms of a AC current(?) ¯\_(ツ;;)_/¯ but we were off by a decimal.. (should be .19 instead of 1.9 etc)

May 18

I.jpg H.jpg G.jpg F.jpgJ.jpg

pic 1. --The expectation-- (Only 50% achieved but ¯\_(ツ;)_/¯)

pic 2. The order of the "deadbug" this saved my brain tbh

pic 3. Acid washed, and all the resistors were soldered on.

pic 4. pain and suffering TM. (shoutout to Niko for helping/saving our tortured minds.) soldered on the 8 legs on the 555 timer/deadbug //cue mission impossible theme song//.

pic 5. we did the schematic 3

--The reality-- looks good, but I think we chose one wrong resistor so the sound doesn't make cute electro piano wannabe noises.. hm.. Most likely my partner confused 1K resistor with something else because I misplaced the 1K resistor somewhere and we needed another one... We used schematic 3, suffered, and conquered.

June 1st

U1.jpg U2.jpg

First two plans. Brainstorming session and choosing presentation groups? Thought of "deadbug", led lights, triangles, constellations, and summer.

I think the main inspiration for my project for probably DIY / led cards that you see on your birthday/celebratory cards--for example. I chose to do something simple, because I had absolutely no knowledge and skill of the "digital craft" world. For this project, I googled a lot, and read a lot about negative/positive circuits.


WIP (Work In Progress)

U3.jpg U4.jpg U5.jpg U6.jpg

All my work in progresses.

Final Project

UU1.jpg UU2.jpg UU3.jpg Blink.gif

-They are all made from the same black recycled 320g paper. (save paper--save the earth)

-The lights only light up, once the aluminum (connected to the negative leg+the battery) touches the positive side of the led leg.

-The triangles may seem randomly placed, but they are from the spring, summer, and winter triangle constellations that appear on their season. (There is no autumn triangle) Triangles have 3 sides, 3 points, and is considered the strongest shape. the number 3 seen as one of the most balanced, and aesthetic shapes in art and design. (And that is why I chose to make 3.)