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week 7 - uploading webpages to server


  • 29 Oct - from 9pm
  • 5 Nov - from 9pm

List of deliverables

  • 1) Create a webpage that is a minimalist painting.
  • 2) Build a short story using links. At each link the user learns more,

or gets more confused, about the story. It can simply be a labyrinth.

  • 3) Find a text that you consider interesting; place it on a webpage; Type-set it with CSS, so that the style either illustrates, contradicts

or is in dialog with the content ( use at least one custom font

  • 4) Transform the type-set text (from previous week) into a a ready to print PDF and print it.
  • 5) (re)present a part of your zine in your web project;

How to upload your work:

  • use an FTP client software like Filezilla
  • connect to the Publication Station server using the details:
    • Host:
    • Username: go-student
    • Password: (if you dont know ask Andre or your fellow colleagues)
    • Port: 22
  • Create a folder(directory) for yourself:
    • inside the folder /home/go-student/Q2/
    • create a folder(directory) with you Square-Name (avoid using spaces)


  • Upload your web projects from your computer to your folder on the server by dragging and dropping it


  • Create a folder directory for each deliverable.

That should contain all the resources you use for the project: the HTML file(s), the CSS file (if you use a separate one), and the custom fonts files (if also happen to use them in your deliverable).

By visiting you can see your folder and go inside you can see the sub-folders for each deliverable