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  • We will do the first formatting of the text according to the Style-guide
  • send them back to the authors styled
  • ask authors to follow the style-guide in their future edits


  • website: a self-contained website
    • built with Jinja Python Library
  • print publication
    • using inDesign + ICML


  • conversion tool: pandoc

How to produce the outputs?

The hybrid publication system is a large connection in which the creation of the website is largely automated. We use python codes that merge all documents based on templates. We can place the texts in the folder and add the name of the document to the metadata. By running a script that adapts/generates the website, the entire website is up to date, while we have made major changes. Because the texts are all formatted with the same styles, they adopt the style described in the CSS and do not have to be adjusted manually.

In order to process this afterwards in Indesign, a script must be run that updates the ICML, as is done with the entire website. In Indesign, we must then manually add the ICML, because this cannot be automated with code. That is why printing from the browser is an interesting option because the content is automated. A disadvantage of this is that not every browser works nicely with printing.

We can communicate changes via Github. This is also a place where we can adjust documents and mess around before we pass it on to others. When pushed, we state what we have adjusted so that others can see the status of each document. We can choose not to push some documents, because they may not be ready to share.

How to track work process?

To track and be able to revert changes, and share the work among several users we will use Git versioning software