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Using the WDKA student server

The WDKA offers students server space to host website. Unfortunately, the process to do this is not very user-friendly. Here you find a step by step guide to help you get your site online. Follow it very carefully and everything should work out.

Step 1: Request an account

- Create an account [here]. Enter your student number (without extension) and click 'account aanvragen'.

- You should receive an e-mail in your HR mail with a link called 'nieuw account aanmaken'. Click this link.

- In the following page you can add your name and click the button to confirm the creation of you account.

- You should now receive a link in your e-mail with your account name and password.

You will sometimes get errors during this process, but most of the time it will still work.

Step 2: Download FileZilla

- Download FileZilla [here] and install it.

Step 3: Upload your website

- In the top of your FileZilla window, enter ftp.student.wdka.nl as the host

- Enter your student number as the username

- Enter the password you received in step 1 as the password

- Leave the port number empty and click the quick connect button

- It should connect and you should see a public_html folder in the center-right panel of FileZilla

- Drag all your website files from finder into this public_html folder

Step 4: Enjoy your website

Visit yourstudentnumber.student.wdka.nl and enjoy your website!