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Hello and welcome to the problem solving section of the Publication Station Wiki. Here you can find all the solutions to the most common problems when printing with any given technique you are working with. This page is dedicated to the PrintMaking Studio (BL.00.01). Use the menu above to navigate the page and find your solutions. Good Luck!

Tutors and PALs

If you are in need of assistance and do not feel comfortable


Here you can find solutions to the most common problems you might encounter with the RISO printer, from paper jams to handling files correctly. Good luck and don't hurt them too much. They are really sentitive machines.

The Master is not printing

File is paused

File is locked

Paper Jam

Paper Stuck on the Drum

Paper Jam in the Entrance

Paper Jam in the Back

Full Masters Drawer

Master Jam

Empty Ink Cartridge

Empty Master Roll

Ink Smudges

Screen Printing

Paper sticks to the screen


Plotting stops in the middel of the sheet

The sheet moves strange

Motor error

The plotter plots mirrored

Laser Cutter

Heat Press