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Style Guide for Publication Station's publications

General Document Formatting

Text submissions should be received as .docx , Markdown or Mediawiki syntax (if writing on a wiki).

Most of what follows is specific to .docx, yet the same text structure and hierarchy applies to Markdown or Mediawiki.

It is fundamental to format the text using Word/LibreOffice Styles . (See Style basics in Word tutorial or Styles in LibreOffice Writer tutorial )

  • The whole text should have Normal style as default (normally this is the default when writing).
  • The Author's name should have Normal style and be in a paragraph following the Title.
  • Article's Title should have Header 1
  • Article's Sections should have Header 2
  • Article's Subsections should have Header 3 style.
  • Short quotations use single quotation marks.
  • Long quotes or Blockquotes are create by indenting the whole blockquote.
  • Do not use tabs for paragraph breaks at any time, but a white space (hard return) between paragraphs.
  • Add italics where needed (for proper names (see specific formatting below) references, emphasis on single words).
  • Bold can be used, but NOT to create headings (emphasis on single words).

Specific Formatting

  • URLs must be complete. E.g. and not or
  • URLs should not be (Word/Libreoffice) clickable hyperlinks, but the plain and unclickable, in short not blue links.

Footnotes and referencing

  • All footnotes should be inserted by doing: Insert -> Footnote.

Andre (talk) 12:32, 14 April 2015 (CEST) ARE MS WORD FOOTNOTES INSERTED THAT SAME WAY?

  • Always put a period at the end of a footnote, even if it just a URL.
  • Footnote references, when in a vicinity of comma or period, should come after the comma or period.

This also applies, if the comma/period follows a quotation mark. I.e.: ‘an alternative network’.[1]

Specific for MS WORD

  • All references should be auto-inserted footnotes (in other words, no in text references that use parentheses/brackets). For example, not: Off the Press discusses the question of digital publishing (Lorusso, 2013). But: Off the Press discusses the question of digital publishing.[2]
  • All references should also be collected into a Reference list at the end of the article. Please do not use an automated reference list, or disable the macro after you finish making it this way.
  • URLs in footnotes should be clickable.
  • Always put a period at the end of a footnote, even if it just a URL (make sure the URL still works).

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As referred previously:

  • Long quotes or Blockquotes are create by indenting the whole blockquote.
  • All quotations should use single quotation marks except in instances of a quote inside a quote (in such cases use double quotation marks inside single quotation marks).
  • Commas and full stops should be placed after the quotation mark, if they’re not part of the quotation. E.g. 'My quotation will end here'.
  • If ellipsis are used in a quotation because the article’s author has removed or altered text, for example for the sentence to read grammatically correctly, be sure to put square brackets […] or [has] around the ellipsis to indicate this notation is made by the article's author and not the quoted author.


  • WdKA's Publication Station takes no responsibility of the ownership of the images authors choose to use, the responsibility for the use of images is entirely authors.
  • Images can be in full color or black and white.
  • Images should be included in the text file at the right position as 72 dpi jpeg and, at the same time, sent separately as 300 dpi tiff (suitable for print). (The publication station will take responsibility for preparing the images for the text conversions)
  • Image files should be properly named and numbered according to their order of appearance in the text. E.g. Author_image1.jpg; Author_image2.png;
  • If an image includes a caption insert it by doing: Mouse right click -> "Caption...", Category = [None], Position = Below, insert the caption text. (Note to Publication Station: Images and captions disappear in Pandoc conversions. Therefore they need to be re-inserted mannualy).

Andre (talk) 12:32, 14 April 2015 (CEST) ARE MS WORD CAPITONS INSERTED THAT SAME WAY?


For Footnotes we advice you to use a Bibliography management system:

  • Zotero
  • LibreOffice / MS Word - Bibliography manager
  • Bibtex
  •  ? How to convert to Bibtext ?
  •  ? How to include Bibtext references in Pandoc conversions?

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  1. Footnote.
  2. Footnote.