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Andre's Work at the Publication Station & Hybrid Publishing Practice

Open courses 2017



BS development

issue 2


  • move articles from 03_Proof_Me to 04_Publish_Me as they are proof-read
  • include 1 Section and more than 1 Topic categories in articles, otherwise they wont be indexed.

Issues with specific articles: http://beyond-social.org/wiki/index.php/What%27s_the_point_of_storytelling%3F - can you ask author to upload images again? I did a mistake them that made them too small

  • open with image view
  • collapse article list of non-current (issue 1)
  • remove future issues (issue 3)
  • "Filter by: "Index by: Text, Image". And make obvious to in what filter are you.
  • Printing options:
    • shortcut button for printing
    • downloadable pdf
  • separate links button with general information:
    • info that is currently on button can go up or onto general info page
    • what info??
    • quick and dirty
  • Social media:
    • article share option: FB, tweeter,
  • Covers: 235, appropriated by Loepe Band for 2.
    • What will be printed inside? Flyer or article selection??


  • 14 June meeting at 9AM to give briefing and talk budget and details.

Plans for future open courses

  • A Wifi Book - a book that can only be read through the wifi signal and exist in only one location
  • Dot-Matrix Printers for EMOON - Introduction to printing with Dot-Matrix printers, and setting up of a printers to work with EMOON
  • Bibliotecha -
  • Git for artists and designers - distributed versioning
  • Hybrid Publishing - an introduction, similar to prof development workshop.
  • Wiki publishing - for students & teachers


  • Bibliotecha workshop with Yoana: 30 May, 6 June, 13 June. From 6pm
HP#2 for teachers - 1morning prep + 1afternoon 
Graphic design (first 3 weeks(days) if Quarter 8)
BS Front-end design for issue 2,3   dates: 9-13May 
  • 19,20,21 April - BS work session frontend

Quarter 4 Note: Graphic Design classes have to happen on Fridays

  • 26 April - publication station.
  • 13 (Fri) - Graphic Design - Q8
  • 17 May (Tue) - BS Prof. dev workshop
  • 27 (Fri) - Graphic Design Q8
  • 30 May (Mon 6pm) Bibliotecha open course
  • 3 June (Fri) - Graphic Design Q8
  • 6 June (Mon 6pm) Bibliotecha open course
  • 7 June - HP#2 - PROF DEV WORKSHOP - w. Florian
  • 13 June - (Mon 6pm) Bibliotecha open course
  • 14 June - Open Course GIT - A side https://mywdka.nl/openaanbod/?p=5875#post-5875
  • 21 June - Open Course Git -B side
  •  ? 5 July - Working Wiki brainstorm - w/ minor research teachers, Anja, Deanne, Kimmy & Arjen? In conjunction with Research St. How research can be combined with these tools?

Graphic Design Q8

"quarter 8, students graphic design also need support/teaching. I will ask Kimmy for details."

2016 - quarters 3 & 4


Date Task Short description Deliverables Hours estimate  
17 & 24 May 9-12pm Professionalization Workshop on publishing with wikis Professional development workshop dedicated to publishing with wikis. 17May for Wdka tutors, 24May for external contributors 3 (workshop) *2 + 8(prep) = 14h
8 March 2016 Hybrid Publishing Workshop Professional development workshop dedicated to electronic and hybrid publishing. wiki page pad 3 (workshop) + 8(prep) = 11h  
  Hybrid Publishing Workshop Course dedicated to electronic and hybrid publishing. wiki page 2 x 3 (workshop) + 4 (prep)= 13h  
  Front End for web works Front end dedicated to the presentation of the web-based works developed in Publication Station. The workshop should be archived on the Publication St. publications catalog      
  Unusual Knowledge Publication from the Open Design minor wiki page 16h  
  Refugee Phrasebook The initiative help refugee arriving in Europe (http://refugeephrasebook.de/). Content, layout, distribution must be improved. wiki page ???  
  Research on html-to-print Continue the research on the production of print-ready documents from HTML+CSS. Currently WeasyPrint seems the most promising tool, but much research is still required. wiki page - dedicated to WeasyPrint 16h  
  HPP Practice Pilots – Front end Publish and present the HPP pilots on the web. Discussion needed   16h  


Status Deadline Date Task Short description - what needs to be done Deliverables Deliverable content Hours estimate
Doing Date Short Desc. Long Des. Duration
Doing From Set 2016 to Jan 2016 Design & Technique teaching Teaching Design & Technique Q1, Q2 for Graphic Design 1st year students. The course is an introduction to Web-design - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vector drawing. It is focused on the creation of Web publications, but it also is intended as basis essential for the development of othe forms of digital publishing Courses/Design & Technique-Essential Web Design - course pages. http://publicationstation.wdka.hro.nl/go-student/ - Students' work 2 Quarters, 4 hours a week.
Done (maybe continuing) October 2015 Development of the Refugee Phrase book in WdKA http://www.refugeephrasebook.de/ - project's website Publisher:Refugee_Phrasebook - presentation of work at WdKA 4 days
Doing December 2015 Research on hybrid publishing subjects Optimal Character Recognition, Web-to-print
Doing From Nov 2015 Encyclopedia of Unusual Knowledge Creation of a publication for the Encyclopedia of Unusual Knowledge, a project by Digital Craft students Unusual_Knowledge:Main_Page 2 session: 2 hours
To Do September 2015 ?? Elaborate course on Vector drawing and Git. (possibly in combination with Loes Sikkers). How can versions of a drawing be stored using Git. How can those versions be used to form an animation, or a decomposition of the draing, where only the changes from one version to the next are shown? Or how can drawing be made collaboratively across the network with Git? 16 hours
Done July 13 Publication St. Hybrid publishing workflow presentation 5 hours
Doing June 26 Research on Web-to-print (with Arjen Suiker and Lucia Dossin). Goal: transform reflowable (markup-based) digital publications into fixed-layout PDF, ready for print.
  • Case study: Beyond Social - Devise a web-to-print strategy to Beyond Social?
  • Requisites:
    • an online workflow (run on a server)
    • support page numbers
    • gather all articles in on to 1 document
Web-to-print Research Page; Beyond Social: print publication function. aprox. 32 hours
Done Beyond Social infrastructure upgrades Implement article preview system; Implement update frontend system; Replace code base, to gain efficiency ; 24 hours
Done Beyond Social wiki added features video widget for vimeo/youtube; Change page names; Inclusion in wiki tutorial (Deliverables) (Deliverable content ) 3 hours
To Do Created new styles for website Beyond Social Creation of new CSS stylesheets for the BS website. The development of the styles can be done with students and used as pretext to teach CSS and HTML. CSS and HTML basics Stylesheet for BS 6 hours
Done 12 & 17 Nov 2014, 17 May 2015 Beyond Social introduction A hands-on introduction on the structure of Beyond Social and how to create and edit articles. Beyond Social Wiki tutorial 2 hours x 3 events = 6
Done Nov & Dec 2014 Beyond Social infrastructure Creation of the whole infrastructure: wiki and wiki to front-end code, organization system, which allows Beyond Social to exist both wiki and website. Beyond Social wiki, Beyond Social Front-end More than 40 hours.
Done April 2015 Tutorials Tutorials with Y2 Graphic Design students - Editorial module; tutorials with Gülşen Emre on publication "Reset, Hack and Own"; 10 hours
Done 6,13 March 2015 Hybrid Publishing classes to Y2 Graphic Design - Editorial module Classes focused on hands-on hybrid publishing approaches (Deliverables) web to print, hybrid publishing 24
Done March 2015 Creation of Hybrid Publishing resources A collection of tools (scripts) meant for easy hybrid publishing process. The Hybrid Publishing resources were central for Hybrid Publishing classes. (Deliverables) Hybrid-Publishing-Resources code repository 8
Done 14 April 2015 Style-guide to HPH Creation for a Style-guide for the HPH, that supports a hybrid workflow and allows authors to work with Word(.docx) documents (Deliverables) Publisher:Style-guide 3 hours
To Do Bibliographic methods for hybrid publishing Development of a system to integrate a smart bibliographic and referencing system in a hybrid publishing workflow. Using Zotero. Publisher:Bibliography 8 hours
Doing 27 May 2015 May 2015 Open aanbod Wiki as Publishing Platform Course focused on hybrid publishing workflows with wikis as the center publishing structure, from which other publishing outputs: website, visualizations, book are created (Deliverables) & materials, goals & synopsis mywdka course page 9 hours (3x3hours) of teaching
Done Nov 2014 Essential HTML - Open aanbod This workshop will be a first dive into HTML, the lingua franca of both the Web and ePubs (eBook format). The course will present HTML, both in its historical as well in its technical context, and introduce its structure and syntax in a simple and accessible form. (Deliverables) Slides mywdka course page 9 hours (3x3hours) of teaching
Done (Deadline) Jan 2015 What is ePub? - Open aanbod This course introduces the ePub electronic book as a publishing format. It introduces the structure and ideas that underlay this format. NOTE: the course must be changed, as to make it less dry and more interesting. A way to do it is to start with an existing publication and laid-out EPUB, which students have to tweak. Slides & Resources mywdka course page 9 hours (3x3hours) of teaching
(Status) (Deadline) (Date) (Task) (Short description - what needs to be done) (Deliverables) (Deliverable content) (Hours estimate)

to do

  • Manual on wiki as Hybrid Publishing tool publishing tool (for June 2015)

Documentation and Resources


06.02 - Beyond Social - updates

On May 27 and 27 I teplaced code base which was running beyond social, in order to fix the frequently broken images bug and to gain efficiency. If you notice something out of the ordinary, please let me know.

I've also be trying to put in place a preview a page preview system and update function (a link anyone can use to update the site), yet those two are being harder to accomplish them I expected.

I've added more video feauture: both vimeo & youtube can now easily be embedded; See how in http://beyond-social.org/wiki/index.php/Wiki_tutorial#Youtube.2FVimeo_videos


Meeting 22May


  • failure of open aanbod
  • difficulty in developing publications:
    • lack of content
    • lack of strategy to work with students w/ aim of producing publications
    • lack of basic knowledge from students: HTML, CSS,


  • involve station's staff in the teaching and planning of modules for majors and minors
  • plan a course : Essential hybrid publishing that will teach basics of hybrid publishing. Mandatory to all Graphic D. students
  • other strategies to produce publications with students?
    • book sprints ?
    • recipes on wiki ? (written by students. Scrapped and applied a style for digital(site,epub) and print)

collaboration with editorial design project

By June have a manual with the basic of wiki. How to make it your own, and what are the problems you encounter.

A package that can be used by others.

How can others can understand it and use?

a package that others can use

what is the aim?

what would help communicate what it is?

On a practical side: we need a system that works well enough.

  • a manual

the generic way to work with the wiki. within the system, there are the things you have to keep in mind.