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Artists, Designers, Hackers, we must to return to the crafts!

To Craft is to Care

To 'craft' implies involvement.

To 'craft' implies workmanship.

To 'craft' implies skill matched by determination.

To 'craft' is to strive for the unanticipated.

To 'craft' is to find a workarounds for the burn marks from the laser cutter.

Digital Craft ≠ digital fabrication.

Technology ≠ new. Craft ≠ old.

Both craft & technology have rich histories. Both have open futures.

Etymologically, technology is the study of a skill.

Craft is the mindful application of a skill.

A technology can be a tool, a medium, or both.

Craftsmen explore the limits of their tools and media.

Digital Craft is no paradox.

Digital craftsmen are makers before anything else.

Making is a way of thinking, reflecting, and connecting.

Making is connecting ideas to media.

Making is connecting people to ideas.

Making is connecting ideas to ideas and people to people.

No work of craft exists in void.