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Hi all Digital Craft minor students!
Example intro 1.gif


DATE: 19, 20 and 21 DECEMBER

VISUAL IDENTITY - poster, name tgas+description


  • V2_ ==> occupied
  • Performance Bar / Slash gallery ==>

The space is 11m X 7 m 150 euro/day + technical support 20 euros/hours*8 = 160 --> 460 -- if we use wednesday(19) and thrusday(20) -> friday(21) free
link Slash 1.png
Slash 2.png

This is like 38,33 euros/person. Hello slash gallery,

We've contacted you before about spatial rental options. We consulted with our group and we agreed to rent the available exhibition rooms. Our digital craft group has 13 people and

This entails:

The slash gallery room from 19 till 21 of December.

And the recommended technical support 4 hours on 19 December for setting everything up and4 hours on 21 December to wrap the exhibition up. So that comes to a total of 8 hours off technical support.

On the 19th we want to plan an opening night from 18:00 till 22:00.

On the 20th from 14:00 till 22:00.

On the 21th (would be great to maybe merge with the performance bar for Friday to add a new dimension to the performance bar experience.) We are with a group of 13 people and would like to have a look at the space to see if it is big enough for this capacity and further discuss our collaboration. next steps: date is good how much space there is

  • Keilewerf ?
  • Roodkapje ==> occupied
  • Across the school WH in the empty passage ==> free
  • Triphouse
  • MONO ==> checked by other minor
  • Church ==> :(

What to keep in mind for a good location

  • enough space
  • easy acces for setting up project (no stairs or if so then elevator?)
  • *BAR*
  • price - can we get funding from the department? or we can sell props? do a money raising campaign? from our own pockets?

What to do for preparation (From Charlien)

I'd like to know from you "as much as possible" so we know what will happen in the gallery. Here are some questions and practical info I've put Anka in cc as she is our production hero

- Finances => who is paying for the event? the school? or your class? I need the invoice information: name, address, BTW number

- who, what, how? => Who is showing work? What is the work? How will it be installed? You can drill holes in the wall, you can paint on the wall, etc. but you need to restore it afterwards. Fill the holes, repaint, etc. !! no glitter, confetti, fine dust stuff allowed, it kills all technical material, inform us well so we can think with you! Please make a floorplan where we can see what technical material you will be using. You can find the floorplan attached. The space you can use is 7 meters wide and 11 meters long. On the floorplan it is from the streetside till the grey line indication the separation with the bar-area. This should be kept clear. We have some spotlights but we cannot put a light on every single artwork. We'll have to make a general lightplan. You can use the plastic white crates and pedestals you find. Maximum height is 4 crates (fire safety). You cannot block the doors as they are fire exits. We have NO storage space. This is a recurring problem for, e.g. packaging materials for artworks. Please organize that you take out all the leftover stuff before you open the expo!

- build up + key => I scheduled your group on 19-20-21 for the expo On tuesday 18th you can bring stuff, if needed. Between 10 am and 18 pm you can ring the doorbell at the pink door and ask for the key of the gallery. I need one responsible person for the key. If you loose it, 30 euros will be added to the rent. This is our cost to make a new key because they are certified. You can keep the key till the end of the project. It also means: from the moment you have the key, we don't open the doors for you anymore. You open and close yourself. We have no time to open the doors for 13 people at different times, so you'll have to organize yourself who-comes-when etc.

- expo What will be your opening time on wednesday and thursday? There has to be at least one person at all times! On friday we'll open the gallery at 20h, the performancebar starts at 21h-02h. It is best to take small easily stolen stuff away before they open. mp3's, ipads, fragile things. We have good experience with the performance bar nights + expos, but take care of your stuff. How many people do you expect? Ask a friend to play music from a laptop, or organize a playlist that you like.

Do you have a poster? PR text? Facebooksomething? Please send it so we can also put it online!

- cleaning!! organize the break down, as everyone will be tired. my proposal is that you hand in the key to me on friday 21st, and that you do the breakdown on saturday 22nd from 14h-17h. There is a bar head in WORM who can let you in. Take out your stuff, fill the holes, repaint if needed, take out the trash, don't leave things on the ground or tape on the tubes or.. and please sweep the floor.

We need the info asap of course. If you are to busy to type everything, please come to our production meeting tomorrow Wednesday 12 dec between 11h-12h, then we can talk about it all live.

I send you the general terms and conditions in attachment too, we only have them in Dutch, but I'm sure one of your classmates can understand. Let me know if you have questions. Good luck! Charlien


LINK TO MAP WITH OVERVIEW PEOPLE: https://we.tl/t-UmH6oPDTmb Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.26.47.png

wall table/pedestal tv screen power supply just space (not close to a wall) sound beer crates

Naima Naima Naima



Hyunji Hyunji

Lot Lot




Tutu Tutu

karlijn karlijn

Emiel Emiel

Tom Tom Tom

Naima Oei

An out of body experience but, instead of from the outside looking in, from the inside looking out. To question and think about something we take for granted: to be, and mainly being inside our bodies.

A sculpture suit big enough to fit a person 1,50 m wide 1 m high. Equipped with sound installation.

Karlijn den Hoedt

We often take the tv news serious and this is also how they present themselves. I want to play with this representation to see from which point the news becomes something else. I want to create a video installation with tv screen that will be triggered when someone walks by space that can trigger it. The installation has sound but I can hang some headphones next to it.
Space needed: space of 1 meter wide and acces to electricity for my tv, Kinect and pedestal. would be nice to have some space in front of it to trigger the kinect but more important is a place on which the sun is not reflecting too much on the screen. a wall would be nice to hide the cables a bit but if others need it more then a space in the middle is fine too.

Annemarie Daniel

An animation about the mourning process, with an emphasis on time and how time seems to slow down, speed up & go backwards when you're in mourning.
It will be presented as a screen on a pedestal (I'll bring one myself), with a crank which the public can turn to influence time in the animation.
Space needed: a floor plan of aprox 1,50 m wide, 1,00 m deep. preferably against the wall. Need access to electricity.

Koen Dekker

An audio-visual project about observation, self-awareness and rediscovery. Influence the audio and video of your surroundings by performing various movements and making various sounds with the objects provided on the table. I force people to listen(view) their surroundings using a pair of headphones and a (laptop) microphone. The plan is also to make people view their surroundings using an HTC Vive (VR), but since those are hard to come by, it's unlikely to happen. Depending on the sound of the surroundings or the movements of the viewer, he/she can alter what they hear or see on screen. I don't need any specific wall or something, but I do need a table, so I can put some everyday stuff on it like a pen, a coin and other things for people to play with and see what kinds of sounds they make.
The table should have a surface of around 1.5 m x 1.0 m, maybe smaller, with access to elektricity.

Hyunji Jung

Title: Patterns of Consciousness
My work is about our perception to sound around us and how it affects our consciousness. We are surrounded by sound and noise everywhere and not always conscious about it. But when you start to be aware of them, they scratches your consciousness. They start to make patterns and repetition, making a composition where your mind and consciousness start to trip inside. I made an interface where audiences can play with sounds and change the patterns of the composition.
Space needed: I will have a kinetic painting/sculpture which would be around 800 x 800mm close to the wall. Probably I need to drill the wall and/or hang it on the pipes on the ceiling. I need a plinth where I can put iPad and a headphone. Also maybe a chair or some of the white plastic structure things to put my laptop. Access to electricity needed.


I am going to make the visual processing of the brain visible. This can be seen as a time system, because for the brain it takes time to proces the information it gets from the eyes. Different observations are processed separately. This mean you see first only the colour, then the movement and at last the shape of an object. We never see this, because our brain resolve this. I want to show this time system into a new time piece.

This time piece will be 44 x 44 cm and I would like to place it on a table. I also need power supply for this object. I made a few posters, so a place next to a wall would be very nice :)


My project will be looking at the representation in cartoons through the years. It will be a video collage, shown on a tv. I will need something of a table to display it on, I would like to make a little living room so a bit of space to place a small rug and a beanbag. I am currently trying to fix a cabinet/table myself but it would be great if this were already available at the space, at least as a plan B. The tv is small, about 60 cm in diameter and will only need an outlet.

Noemi Biro

Reciprocating message
3D printed PLA, Processing, light source

reciprocate /rɪˈsɪprəkeɪt/ - (of a part of a machine) move backwards and forwards in a straight line
Executing the code line by line to arrive at a legible structure.
Reading letters line by line to arrive at a meaningful structure. Reciprocating message is a hybrid steganographic piece that decomposes with the help of light and touch. -- I will use a standing vertical frame slightly bigger than an A3 with the 3D parts and sensor. A beamer will be connected to the processing code and will beam an interactive light show on the backside of the frame. -- I am still testing a lot of things... at this point i dont have a specific space I need.
-- technicalities:

  • 2x power source (1 for laptop, 1 for beamer)
  • will need to use maybe some of those beer crates to put my laptop on it / or I use a mac mini which I will have to fasten to the wall -> in this case i will need a wall or something that cannot easily be grabbed out of the space

Emiel Gilijamse

Ventifact wind erosion modelling machine

This project researches the possibility of using the uncontrollable natural wind within the design process. Inspired by ventifacts, stone objects weathered by wind and sand over long periods of time. The desire to visualize the invisible shapes of the wind and to use these as a tool to shape objects, form the essence of this project. Together with finding the right balance between control and coincidence in this co-workship between human and wind.

--My presentation will contain a large poster, 2 seperate presentation tables with tests and a model. Still figuring out if I want to sandblast (in a closed box) on the location. If so, I need 3 tables. I am aware of the fact that sand could be an issue, don't worry. If my installation leaks, I will not put it there. -- technicalities:

  • 1x power source (if my machine works)
  • Will also use the creates to build the tables. They will be relativly small.
  • Will need space around 1,5m x 0,8m

Tom Schouw

Diffraction Disco

I made spinning mirror light diffractor that breaks a special kind of laserbeam. The Laser-light breaks and leaves powerful colours refraction behind. The beam is not dangerous if it doesnt shine directly in your eyes. For extra safety measures the laser gets filtered to lower mW. De light breaks all over the wall and create explosive moving visuals. -- It would be great to get a corner so that the light diffraction is most visible. -- Need like 4 powersources

Tutu Xinyi Guo

Failure Award

An interactive printer prints out a personal failure story on an award paper.

  • Space next to wall around 1.5m
  • Power Source x2 (Printer + Raspberry Pi)
  • Beer crates/table to place printer and Pi


VIS POS 1.png VIS POS 2.png VIS POS 3.png
VIS FLY 1.png

do we need a wdka logo? are opening times all good?

here is a temporary link for the poster files: https://we.tl/t-000Te5vDx2 new link: https://we.tl/t-2QBwn8Z2iY

new new link: https://we.tl/t-SkNpcMUWlU

It would be super nice if someone could animate the fb banner. the circles need to turn. - animation is done :D
I think that you need the mp4 for the Facebook banner if you need another format just app me or create another format from after effects :)

Here is the link to the animation: https://we.tl/t-3yG7bK1TWo
And here is the link to the files: https://we.tl/t-2z4bgLnbkc


here is the link to the template: https://we.tl/t-rV4A2zFURS (NEW LINK!)

Template for descriptions2.jpg

make sure that the two spaces are equal!
Template description.jpg


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