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For every project this semester I made a research document which guides you through all my finding of each project.

The Selfie Booth

Always Green never grumpy

Fake news

Blackbox and dance movement



Digital craft practice 2

Floor Opheij | 0929699

Jan Toorop - Zee (Brisants de la mer du Nord)

During the introduction of the digital craft practice I was fascinated by a work of Jan Toorop an impressionist still life of the sea close to Katwijk, the Netherlands. The work drew my attention as it was difficult to see where the sea ends and the sky begins. Through his colour use and the rough brush strokes there are lively dynamics in the painting. After standing close to the canvas (for over an hour), the colour of the painting started to fascinate me. Toorop did not only use different shades of blue and green, but I also saw tints of pink, purple and yellow, which surprised me. For my copy, I zoomed in on just one piece of the painting and copied the colour pixel by pixel, to get and good overview of the colour he used. In this work, the difference between the sky and sea was even harder to see than in the original painting.

Onderzoek floor 4.png

Link to research document copy:


File:COPY ONDERZOEK klein.pdf

The copy reminded me of an artwork from Giuseppe Stampone; ‘Why the sky above belongs to everyone, and the earth below doesn’t?’. His work is inspired by the poem of “The sky belongs to everyone” by Gianni Rodari. This sentence was the starting point of my research and my research question: where is the border between de sky and the sea? Where is the line between what you can and cannot divide? Can we divide the sky, like we divide the earth? What would happen if we did? For this reason, I started my research with a visual work. Through the visuals, the aesthetics and the motions, I tried to research if it would be possible to capture this question in visuals, and furthermore what the questions that would come out of that visual would be. Additionally, I would love to continue this research in the upcoming quads. However, I would like to have more depth in the research and I believe it would be best to approach this question also in a more theoretical/philosophical way. Thereafter, I would be able to combine the craft of the paint/photo/film with my daily vision on the world and how we behave on this planet.

Onderzoek floor 1.png

Onderzoek floor 3.png

Link to research document transformation:

File:Onderzoek foto klein.pdf

File:Film onderzoek klein.pdf

During the process of this research, I discovered how close paintings and poems come to our daily reality. At first, they may seem outdated, but with a closer look and some reading you discover a whole world behind it. Making the connection from history to our daily live gets my energy running. By using different mediums, such as film and photography, I can do my research based on something else than just internet and books. I really enjoyed to translate my own ideas into an image; either still life, moving or in a combination. Film is a new medium for me and I would like to discover this more.

Link to movie's:

Password - film1

End result

In the end I made a combination between photo, film and text to make my visual interpretation on the question: why the sky belongs to everyone and the earth below doesn't. This work is more about the feeling of this question rather than answering it. For me this work/research is relevant because is it the start of perhaps a bigger project. I would love the discover the meaning of borders and freedom in diffrent media and contexts. The questions that came out of my rescearch where for me very intriguing. Question such as, what is the feeling of a border and how far can you go with crossing border, how can you dived thing you can not though and how can one translate his or her own feeling to someone els? So for now this is not the and but a first step in an interesting direction.

Floor eind.png


What interested me most in this practice is the way of doing research, as you are researching by making and doing; by taking something “old” from an museum and further analysing that. Reflecting more on the theory behind it, reveals a different world and crafts I never noticed before. Apart from all this research, making, and trying: I fell in love with the combination between analog and digital a long time ago, and I’m very glad I can finally use it in my work. Therefore, I would like to choose Digital Crafts as my practice for the coming years. The combination between the autonomous way of working and my major Advertising would give me new ideas and tools to make work. Working in a free, autonomous way, but still reaching an target audience, would be my goal within this practice.