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Lizet van der knaap, Mode


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cellular automatons



The disappearing coat is part space-age material, part camera trick. A video camera behind the coat sends footage to a projector, which bounces the image off the front of coat's reflective surface much like a movie screen works. Dr. Susumu Tachi





Could technology actually be doing harm on our eyes or is this just a myth? because my mom always said, do not sit to close to the telly, but if we look now, heaps of kids are always playing on the labtop, smartphones and ipads. when we look to long to a screen we feel like the vision is ketting blurred, eyes become itchy, perception changes, eyes begin to burn, headaches, watering of the eyes, and focusing becomes hard.
there is some research done to this subject, According to Dr Blakeney, an optometric adviser to the College of Optometrists, computers will not permanently damage the eyes. the problems that you have when you look to long at your screen is because we don’t blink so much. the problem then only is dry eyes.
See Yourself Sensing Renowned art and technology author Madeline Schwartzman launches her new book See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception (Black Dog Publishing) - the first book to survey the fascinating relationship between design, the body, science and the senses. Covering 50 years of artists, architects and designers who have been experimenting with the boundaries of our senses, and how they alter the way we experience the world.
See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception brings together a unique collection of images that reflect the sensory design in architecture, art and installation, chartering the breadth of the sensory theme through the work of many renowned artists. Analyzing the importance and influence of body-scaled sensory experiments, Schwartzman reveals the fascinating relationship between senses, body, art and perception. Book cover largest crop.jpg

how contemporary technology influenced our mind, I think, only what i think, Is that technology has a huge effect to our brains when we are young, we get smarter bij using it because its a normal thing, when your little you lurn stuff from everbody, you pick up things very fast, if we look now to little kids playing al those games also very educative games they became very smart because of this, they lurn thing earlier that before. if we ask a guy of the age of 60 most of them don’t know how facebook work, but facebook is one of the most simple things i guess.

I realy think technology has a quite bad influence on the behavior of people, and i mean by technology the smartphone, people get more self-contained because of fb, twitter, whatsapp, games and al those things, people dont want to be alone, or dont want te be seen alone on the steets so they keep looking at there phone. when your looking for a place somewhere in a other city loads of people look at there phone to now the direction, where is the time that you can ask random people on the streets where you need to go. If I look a myself in this situation, i like to talk to random people so I would love to ask the way to someone, but there is nobody to ask to because all the other people are looking at there phones and i would feel like if i interupt there whatsapp conversation. phones and i would feel like if i interupt there whatsapp conversation.

Artist how real is real &Thelma File:Artists.pdf

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