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Radio is often only seen as a medium to transmit music and information through audio to people.

The question that arose was how can we use radio to transmit something beyond sound? This collection investigates a broad range of aesthetic experiments with the broadcasting technology of radio. For us it

is also an inquiry of intervention of this art form. This collection aims to rethink and reconceptualise the radio medium as an explorative aesthetical archive.

The goal of 88,4 DX is to create a temporary autonomous zone of art to communicate artistic compositions for interpretation. Proposing an alternate way to experiencing visual art through the radio.

88,4 is a project made by Nina Michailidou & Caio Vita


The radio station 88.4 FM is constantly broadcasting the artwork we have created with the SSTV and FM Transmit- ter. We recorded the SSTV sounds of each one of the images, and made a long play with all of the sounds, so people can tune in the 88,4 FM and start receiving the images through a SSTV software. Also, it’s possible to apply effects to the broadcast image by a live sound effect app running on the smartphone that is being used as the sound source. This live effects will change the way the image is broadcast each time, it's possible to mix images, change patterns and create new compositions by playing with the APP.

Soundappfm01.png Transmitter01.png

Image mixed while broadcasting: Mixfm2.jpg

Research Publication

MocukpFMtran01.png MocukpFMtran02.png

Bookmockup.jpg Bookmockup2.jpg Bookmockup3.jpg

Compositions and Visual Art done using the technique

16237025 1579058875457087 1724840675 n.png 16244322 1580216968674611 1790105465 n.png

16176029 1579072748789033 1548658348 n.png 16343554 1580220198674288 1505273958 n.png

16443462 1585814104781564 1825392792 n.png 16443643 1585811141448527 846753872 n.png

16441228 1585802118116096 1178098774 n.png 16426532 1585808924782082 769442151 n.png

16237025 1579058875457087 1724840675 n.jpg 16244322 1580216968674611 1790105465 n.jpg

16176029 1579072748789033 1548658348 n.jpg 16343554 1580220198674288 1505273958 n.jpg

16443462 1585814104781564 1825392792 n.jpg 16443643 1585811141448527 846753872 n.jpg

16441228 1585802118116096 1178098774 n.jpg 16426532 1585808924782082 769442151 n.jpg