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This is the place for Tools & Tech resources.

Lectures / workshops

Week 1

Slides week 1

Arduino BareMinimum example

Arduino Blink example

Week 2

Slides week 2

Use a button

Use LED as light sensor

Create a capacitive sensor

Create a capacitive sensor with a pencil

Week 3

Slides week 3

Tone example

Use a piezo element as sensor

Original drawdio layout

Week 4

Slides week 4

Drawdio schematic


Arduino main site

Lots of arduino examples

Arduino wiki with many examples and code snippets

A circuit simulator, play around with this!

Arduino programming notebook

Short intro into electronics

Description of the sensors kit for arduino

Just dumping relevant tools to use:

1st, second, maybe third years:

  • Thimble live HTML editor (webmaker)
  • X-Ray Googles (webmaker)
  • Popcorn (webmaker)

workshop ideas:

  • build a book scanner from scratch (Alessandro)
  • script/program with Minecraft (or FLOSS clone)
  • script/program with Waterbear
  • build a 3D printer from scratch
  • use the 3D printer to print models generated from Minecraft (or FLOSS clone)
  • version distributed graphic design (xuv)
  • consent and publishing (eleanor)
  • collaborative font design (ben martin)
  • HTML/CSS to print (OSP)
  • ROM hacking/moding
  • Retro death telegraphy (nnnnn)