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Quarter 9 is all about introductions about the topic Radiation and all of this information is found here.

Inspirational Projects

Maker: Kräutli

Florian managed to make a carpet which makes the human that walks over it, an antenna himself.

0864867 week2 IP Carpet1.jpg

0864867 week2 IP Carpet2.jpg 0864867 week2 IP Carpet3.jpg

0864867 week2 IP Carpet4.jpg

0864867 week2 IP Carpet5.jpg 0864867 week2 IP Carpet6.jpg

Maker: Fingerhut

Makes digital designs using algorithms, a beautifull piece of math, reproducing organic growth in a digital environment.

0864867 week2 StuartFingerhut.jpg 0864867 week2 IP Algorithm.jpg

Project: [1]

Turning sound into (usable) products.

Designers: Lavrans Laading | Oggy Cheng | Pill & Pillow

Creative team: Mark Kong | Quentin Yeong | Gary Lam

0864867 week2 Sound1.jpg 0864867 week2 Sound2.jpg 0864867 week2 Sound3.jpg 0864867 week2 Sound4.jpg 0864867 week2 Sound5.jpg