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Quarter 9 is all about introductions about the topic Radiation and all of this information is found here.

Thinking of ways to make a broadcasting model

The class got divided into 3 groups. Each group had to think of an interesting way to communicate over far distance. After some thinking and sketching, my group came up with a matroushka-doll with a code inside to be scanned with your phone which would redirect you to URL of a website with a camera on the spot close to where the doll had been bought. It was supposed to be a souvenir.

Notebook sketches:

0864867 week4 sketch1.jpg 0864867 week4 sketch2.jpg 0864867 week4 sketch3.jpg 0864867 week4 sketch4.jpg 0864867 week4 sketch5.jpg

Making a broadcasting model in 1 hour

After sketching and thinking the 3 projects were hand over to the group left of them, so we got the project 'communication through water'. We had to make a model in 1 hour time.

This is what we came up with:

0864867 week4 broadcastingmodel1.jpg

0864867 week4 broadcastingmodel2.jpg 0864867 week4 broadcastingmodel3.jpg

We made a box which contained a speaker. This speaker could be attached to a phone or music-device. So when called or music being played, the soundwaves created real waves in water (in the small blue cap). In this way communication through water is possible. When different sounds -> different waves.