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Quarter 9 is all about introductions about the topic Radiation and all of this information is found here.

Imaginairy Radio

This week we had to think of a device, or Imaginairy Radio, which tells a story.

1. How does it relate to (two groups of) people?

2. Set up a scenario

3. Sketch model

4. Make prototype

How does it relate to (two groups of) people?

I find it super anoying that everything goes so fast nowadays. Everything we do goes at high-speed and I think it is a shame not to take time for smaller things. We tend to forget to live in the moment, instead of next week or the week after, etc.

Set up a scenario

What if we have to take more time? What if we could connect to someone living in the 19th century? My Imaginairy radio is a 'time-traveling'-device, maybe we can learn something from the people back in the days. They don't know any better but messages take time to reach others instead of going mad when someone does not directly answer. By going from telegraph to digital message, this imaginairy radio is made to show that it isn't wrong to take some more time for sending messages. By sending a text with Morse, which has no keyboard and no backspace, we are allowed to make mistakes. This prototype is also telling a second story; that making mistakes is not that bad at all, instead we can learn greater lessons by making mistakes rather then let something hold you back and not do it. Going for the asfe way is not always the best way.

Sketch model

I made some sketches before making the prototype, because I didn't fully understand which device was supposed to be where.

0864867 ImaginairyRadio Sketch1.jpg

0864867 ImaginairyRadio Sketch2.jpg 0864867 ImaginairyRadio Sketch3.jpg

Make prototype

0864867 ImaginairyRadio Prototype.jpg

By pressing the wire onto the button, the key sends signals to the transmitter, which you can hear through the speaker. These signals are then send to the receiver via radio waves, which are send to a device (laptop, computer, etc.) which translates the Morse message into a digital message. This message is then send to the world wide web as an e-mail, notification, wall-post (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn,etc.)