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Project 1: Critical Making exercise

Concept: Artificial Intelligence for an insect to use filmed by a phone.

Insects are not able to speak and are often not able to let other species know that they are in danger or maybe need something. Ants for example communicate through their pheromones, sounds & touch. Their antennae send out signals and for these signals we created an application that informs humans in close perimeters of the ant that they are close by. This way the human will be aware of the location of the ant and will keep this in mind so that they will try to not kill the ant.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the application will create a database of the whereabouts of the location, of the once registered ants.

Project 2: Cybernetic Prosthetics

Concept: make the ocean cool again

The recent Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report for 2009 (by the Australian Government) states that if we want to keep the reef alive we need to halt carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at current levels around 400 parts per million (ppm). We are approximately adding a further 2ppm every year. So in 50 years if we keep going with business as usual we will hit 500ppm by 2050. According to the Reef Outlook Report, "At a concentration of 500ppm, it is predicted that many components of the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem would be highly vulnerable, including sea- birds, fish, marine reptiles and plankton. At about this concentration of carbon dioxide, hard corals would likely become functionally extinct and coral reefs would be eroding rapidly."  

A small cooler in the water with a heat sensor so when it measueres that the water is too hot it will turn on and cool down the water around itsself. These coolers/ filters could be disguised as coral or rocks so that the overall looks in the coral reef do not change. Based on the results from the studies at Harvard, NSLS-II, CFN, and additio- nal institutions, the scientists discovered single nickel atoms catalyzed the CO2 conversion reaction with a maximal of 97 percent efficiency. The scientists say this is a major step toward recycling CO2 for usable energy and chemicals. "To apply this technology to real applications in the future, we are currently ai- med at producing this single atom catalyst in a cheap and large-scale way, while improving its performance and maintaining its efficiency," said Wang.

Project 3: From Devices to systems

Concept: black box

You will open the 'black box' of a technical device in an anatomical machine learning lesson, and you will also dissect and analyse a concrete instance of a complex system at work. How do devices and networked systems interact? Document and research all of the parts, how they work, where they come from. Redesign and add new circuits. Put it back together with a new function and added sensor feedback loops. The basic electronics should be fully functional.

My black box was a set of remote controlled candles that my mom loves but that I hate. Because I always say that they remind me of some kind of disco I created a disco ball with these lights.

final project:

Being on trend no longer guarantees sales and profitability in the fashion sector. In minutes, consumers can spot, own, and share a trend on social media, from any corner of the globe. As a result, hits can sell out rapidly, while misses do not move, even with heavy discounting. The traditional product-development model is too slow. How do fashion brands outpace competitors? When we looked at differences between top and bottom performers, we found that top performers routinely use consumer insights very early in the product-design process and can have products ready for purchase in weeks, not months. But established brands have great difficulty doing either well. This needs to change, as up-and-coming brands are breaking the rules and resetting consumer expectations.

for my final project I wanted to integrate fashion with the digital craft. I chose to work with data visualization and the starting point was the fast changing popularity of brands. I came up with the idea to create an ever changing sweater. With Gucci being the hot and happening right now but Louis Vuitton maybe next week there should be something that can change quick but follows the trends. I 3d printed a bunch of popular brand logos and connected an magnet to it and I made an sweater with an magnet inside so you are able to put the logos on the sweater. in this way you can choose what brand you want to wear every day

Position paper:

The relation between my practice and newer technologies:

1. What is your craft? (define your discipline, method or approach)

I am always trying to create something that is true to myself and that I have a personal connection with. My approach is therefore most of the time based on things that happen around me and my interpretation of this moment or happening that gave me a certain feeling or impact. In this way I stay interested in the work I make and will feel an urge to work on it. I want to make something for people like me, just the normal public. it has to be relatable for not just a selected group but the wider public.

2. What are the tools and media of your craft?

For my work I use my surroundings as an inspiration, this can be something I saw on the streets while going to work or either an art piece I saw at a museum. Mostly my inspiration comes from rap culture and visuals from this scene. This is mostly seen on the internet. I use everything around me that I find useful and that has a meaning to me. With my computer as a steady backbone for the start of my research I search for inspiration and document my process.

3. What are the borders of this practice? (what new media technologies have arisen / what is its future of the field))

As of now this field is being more experimental with more artists looking for ways to express themselves and a big rise of smaller artists. This is because of the popularity of the internet and the easy accessible platforms to upload their work. Because of this rise of smaller artists it engages the audience more because these people are relatable for them. In my opinion the same will happen not only on the musical field but also in the bigger autonomous field. Because of easy access to everything to present the relation to viewer and artwork will be stronger because it relates more with each other.

4. Connect to a historical discourse and give concrete examples of contemporary practitioners

This reaction to the fast changes of the society is something that has been happening for a while now. With street artist like keith harring and banksy taking the art more to the streets and letting the audience have a closer connection with the artwork because they are available at places that they often visit and not just the museum. As keith harring once said "Art is for everybody". since art is for everybody I think that its important to really make it available and relatable for everyone.

5. Define your position of your practice in relation to newer technologies.

with the usage of new technologies its more practical to create something. for example the programs that you have on your computer that we sometimes take for granted are fantastic for creating something within a blink of an eye and connect this with other devices or media. In this way my work will spread throughout more media that is used by the wider public.