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Artwork: Floor Piece no.1. (cube structure based on nine modules)

Artist: Sol LeWitt

Year: 1976

Wednesday 18 April 2018

This object drew my attention while visiting the museum because of its playful and modular patterns it creates while looking at it from different angles. For me it was a sort of entertainment piece in the room and it reminded me of a kaleidoscope. The question that popped up in my mind was; why I am I walking around this white structure? There is a similar question whit the concept of a kaleidoscope; why am I keep looking in it?

Personally I think a kaleidoscope creates a personal moment because I am the only one looking in it and nobody else sees the same patter as I do. That feeling of personal moment can be created while looking at the structure by Sol LeWitt. It can be an entertainment piece, a moment of relaxation piece or just a good looking object.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Past Prototype

Flag of the Wall Painting no. 155 (Staff) from 2006 by Jan van der Ploeg

Straight colours painted paralel under each other. The colours are red, pink, black, off white and dark red. It reminded me of a flag where the colours have a meaning and they are chosen carefully for the nation it serves. But these colours are warm and they compliment each other, where else colours of country flags can be vivid to stand out but they not necessarily stand out because of all the similarities. In the past, such colours as used on this wall painting where not used because of the expensive way of creating these colours. Purple for example was forbidden by the Royal families because it was the most expensive colour and they did not wanted anyone else to where purple. Therefore if these colours by Jan van der Ploeg where used in the past for a nations colours, that would have meant that the nation was very wealthy and could afford such expenses. Therefore I created, in a very simple way, the flag of Jan van der Ploegs country.

Future Prototype

Zittend naakt met appel (Sitting naked with apple) from 1957-1959 by Charlotte van Pallandt

While I was making this assignment I completely forgot about the future aspect of the concept. I was more fascinated with the rough way this sculpture was created. The sculpture fits so well in its surroundings of the garden that it becomes a hidden gem of the place. Because of this I created a present or a little gem that contains an abstract replica of the sculpture. The replica is a puzzle that can be “solved” by various abstract ways. The only element that stands out is the apple the woman is eating. The rest of the elements have natural patterns which is different from each side. This way of solving or creating a puzzle becomes a new way of looking at the sculpture created by Charlotte van Pallandt.

After the session of exchanging our creations whit each other I started to think about my ‘what if’ question.

While researching about the Sol LeWitt I learned that he would let other people execute his ideas. That interested me and I thought about the question of; what if I let other people execute my idea instead of me?

Other idea was to change the material of the artwork to something different like glass, plastic, light, clothing or some digital form and how it would influence the concept.

But I still had the idea about entertainment in my mind. I thought of the question of how can the artwork (its form, material, colour) become an entertainment piece for our generation? and what happens then?

Other ideas where such as: What if I create an interface for entertainment? What if I create something in a digital shape for relaxation? What if I create something in a digital shape for personal moments? What if it starts moving? What if it starts moving in a digital way?

But these questions where not what I was looking for. After a while I started thinking about what would it look like if the artwork would collapse? It looks so fragile… what if I would take out one piece of the white painted wood? Just like by the game called jenga.

What if the spectacle of the artwork is the moment it gets destroyed rather than the finished artwork?

This became my ‘what if’ question. My idea was to create a similar structure from scratch and at the end destroy it. The idea of recording the whole process from begin to start was given to me by my teachers and it was very suitable to record the whole making. Whit this in my mind I started to figure out how I am going to create and capture it all.

Monday 1 May 2018

The day I start to make some experiences of how I am going to make the structure I had to work from materials I had at home. I knew already that I would not be able to create a huge structure because of lack of time I had in the holiday, but I knew I could make something simple that fits by the idea. The materials I found are very simple. I found safety matches for the structure and I attach them with tape. The structure is strong enough to hold itself but fragile enough to be destroyed by hand.

I tried to glue two matches together to make it stronger but it would have cost me too much time. I also considered straws for the structure but those where too flexible and too fragile already.

Tuesday 2 May 2018

The day I started recording the movie I realised that the camera I had could only film 15 minutes in one go. Therefore I had to stand up a lot of times and start the recording again. That was not a big problem but it would be noticeable in the final movie.

While I was creating this structure that I sketched beforehand I though that I would be hard to destroy it. There is so much work, time and effort in the making that it would be unfortunate to destroy it maybe.

Wednesday 3 May 2018

The day I finished the structure and it was ready to be destroyed I hesitate. I don’t want it to be gone yet. I want to look at it for a day or two and then destroy it all by hand. I thought about the name ‘100% handmade’ while looking at my final design. I made it by hand and I am going to destroy it by hand.

Friday 5 May 2018

I destroyed it. I thought it would be harder to do it but it was such an easy thing to do. I was not “afraid” at all. It was fun and it turns out to be a great video at the end.