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(tell us about yourself and your practice)


(in 250 words or less, explain the essence of your research project)

Central Question

If we present a computer intelligence as having an explicit physical reality, then how will its corporeal form affect our perception of it as an entity and vise versa?

Relevance of the Topic

The digital revolution is still in full swing and computer technology is evolving at an exponential rate. As computer intelligence is developing and we're nearing true artificial lifeforms, the urgency rises to pose questions about their perception of us, as it becomes just as relevant as our perception of them. And as we ourselves delve deeper into the digital realm, it is important to understand what we leave behind.


(what do you think will happen or what will the effect be of your work?)

Research Approach

(how do you define and design your research? what activities/approaches/methods will you pursue while conducting your research?)

Key References

(how does your work relate to contemporary makers? what a key analogues/works of inspiration?)


(what texts will/can support this investigation?)


(what are you going to test out and why)

Insights from Experimentation

(what have you pulled from your hands on practice based research?)

Artistic/Design Principles

(what is your own criteria for designing?)

Artistic/Design Proposal

(what do you propose to make)

Realised work


Final Conclusions

(what was the point? what do you take away?)


(what did you reference in this text (other texts, images, films, exhibitions)? Remember to use proper in-text citing!!!!!!!!!!