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jodie Jodie.jpg

I draw, You draw, It draws:

Opdr1.1.1.JPG Opdr1.1.JPG

Design a Letter: J

Jodie 1.JPG Jodie 2.JPG Jodie 3.JPG

Organic Shapes:

Vloeiendevorm1.jpg Vloeiendevorm2.jpg Vloeiendevorm3.JPG


Jodie 11.JPG Jodie 10.JPG Schetsjodie 1.JPG Schetsjodie 2.JPG Schetsjodie 3.JPG Schetsjodie 4.JPG


I'm a first year student spatial design. Throughout the year I found out that it is very complicated to create fluent forms, due to the following reasons:

- You do not have sufficient software knowledge to design it in 3D.

- Organic forms are incredibly hard to draw.

- It requires a lot of time to design a model.

It triggered me to use this struggle as input for my machine. The machine is inspired based on the movements of 3D printers and milling cutters. However, in this machine it is not the head of the mill that moves but the platform itself. It can both rotate and move upwards, which you are able to create almost all organic forms out of foam. The idea is that a block of foam is attached to the platform. By means of sanding and filing the right shape can be created. Intentionally, I designed a machine which can create several forms, since it is really useful and meets the requirements.

Final result:

Jodiej 1.JPG Jodiej 2.JPG Jodiej 3.JPG Jodie 4.JPG Jodie 5.JPG

Made models:

Jodie 13.JPG Jodie 14.JPG Jodie 15.JPG Jodie 12.JPG