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Cinema CO 10.jpg Johana Molina

From Mimicking Machines to Modifying Machines

The idea of the course is to construct a Plotting Machine and afterwards modify it and give different functions to it.

Pen Plotter

In groups we made 3D prints of the different parts of the plotter machine and my group was corresponded to print the pen holder. Later we ensambled the machine together.

3dprint1.jpg 3dprint2.jpg Ensamblingplotter.jpg Penplotterworking.jpeg

Drawing with ink

Modifying Concept

Idea: modifying the pen plotter to an embroidery machine
Idea: modifying the pen plotter to a paint plotter
acrylic on fabric.jpg
I was even thinking in a machine that could create fabric by using glue and threads
Drawing with glue on a piece of fabric
abstract gluecat on fabric