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End of my Rope.

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Together we are strong. By the use of rope which I took from my artifact, I want to show how multiple ropes together a make a stronger rope. To then show that it can still break by pulling the rope apart piece by piece.

A saying says: having no patience or energy left to cope with something. I want to show this in my final work. Because however the rope might be, ever all the small ropes will loose its strength and as well this rope will break.

What is for me the end of my rope?


100 years before christ, engraving had a whole different meaning. It started in the medieval as a language. By feeling the people understood exactly what happened at that spot. These engravings origined by nature en were not created by human. Nature made all kinds of different patterns. When they started building houses en furniture, they used pieces of these stones which were engraved. For example, for water they used the stone which was engraved by water. Thousands of years laters these furniture was found en men thought they were made by hand, but this was not true. Back in the days engraving had a function but nowadays it is being used just as decoration. How wonderful would it be if the engraving in the future would have a meaning again?

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Multifunctional Glass

In the time that the artwork was made, there were all kinds of different glassess for everything. Wineglassess, candleglassess, lemonadeglassess, whiskeyglassess and so on. If our phones can do everything, why can’t the glassess? In the future we will have multifuntional glassess which can do anything. you want wine? That’s possible. Do you want lemonade from the same glass? That is possible too! You can even drink coffee out of it. Who still want to have 40 glassess in his closet in the future? Exactly, no one!

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I started making a reproduction. I wanted to show the suffocating feeling of the dress, because the dress is displayed behind glass, I wanted to experience it that way too. By making use of photography and film I want to create in my further steps the feeling that you are actually in it.


THE END OF MY ROPE Untitled 000

The work that I have chosen from the Boijmans van Beuningen museum is a work by Klaar van der Lippe. The artwork is called “The end of my rope” and was made in 1993 where it is used as a costume for a theater performance. I chose this work because I felt a certain feeling about it. It stifled me before I even knew anything about it. Because it had generated this feeling, I was very interested in the artwork and I started to do more research on it. I started thinking about why it felt like suffocation and I found out that it was because of the stiff rope which would be a spiral around my body if I were to wear the dress.

the name of the dress was one of the inspiration sources for everything I've made in recent weeks. The name “The end of my rope” is an English proverb is for running out of patience or having no more energy left. With this in my mind, I started to wonder myself; ‘what is the end of my rope? By using rope I want to appropriate the work of Klaar van der Lippe and I try to give my own meaning to all works of art that I make.

In the world where we are now living, many people are concerned with themselves and the reputation they have in society. Am I popular? Do everyone like me? Nowadays we have to meet so many demands, and it takes a lot of energy to be who you want to be. A lot is expected of us. Partly because of these expectations we sometimes suffocating and we forget who we are and what we really stand for in life. It does not solve anything by stopping and giving up. Even if you are at the end of the rope, there is always something you can tie to it. This way everyone can achieve what they ultimately want. I made a copy of the artwork by Klaar van der Lippe by means of the title and the material used in the original. With this I want to create a suffocating feeling for the viewer. Where they can experience what it would feel like to be stifled in rope.

In my artworks I have used rope in all sorts of ways to show suffocation from my perspective. I have tried to show it in different media. For example, I used 3D objects, photo series and video. This way the artwork can be experienced in different ways and the viewer will be able to recognize himself in one of the ways. I have been able to transform Klaar van der Lippe’s artwork into multiple works of art by experimenting a lot with rope and what my end of the rope looks like. Through all the experimentation I came across new images. For example, by using light, a shadow emerged that complemented the end of the rope which gives me new insights. Because of the ever-growing results in my process, the ideas kept coming and I was able to make a lot of different works that can all be seen in the book I made.

The experience and the space for my own interpretation are very important in my work. For many, it may be meaningless, but it is the art to surrender yourself to the works and take you to the end of your rope.


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I have made a photo book where all the ways are shown how I have shown suffocation. I have made this book to see all my little artworks that I made for this project. These are all the pictures that can be seen in the book. with the photo book I want to show that rope can do a lot and that there is no end to the possibilities.

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