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digital crafts - suze leurs

Museum Of Fantastic Forgeries

White Aphrodisiac Telephone, 1936

Dali made the celebrated lobster receiver, a creepy fantasy that makes the prospect of receiving or making a call anything but inviting.

Telephone and lobster made of plaster 15x30x17cm

These items are normally not associated with each other resulting in something both playful and menacing. Such objects could reveal the secret desire of the unconscious. They also had a strong sexual connection for Dahlí. He often also drew a close analogy between food and sex.

Telephone lobster : The crustacean's tail, where its sexual parts are located, is placed directly over the mouthpiece.

With this work he questioned the normal and making the unusual more normal. The regular habitat of making or receiving a call becomes not so normal anymore. You think twice before picking up- or making a phone call. It becomes less inviting.


With this assignment I want to work with different textiles and techniques. After this year I would like to specify myself more into the field of hat design. Using the minor digital craft to create mold and certain patterns that I can transform into actual objects.

copy object

For the first assignment I want to work with a weaving technique, where the whole object is made out of one piece. This makes it impossible to pick up the phone when iit's ringing. The prospect of receiving or making a call becomes not only uninviting, but even impossible. Using a sensor placed in the object that reacts to the viewers standing in front , or walking pass the object.