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For the first assignment I did make a wrong drawing, since I didn't make a drawing of a machine. But my instructions did seem to come across to the other people, they only didn't know what it was. To me it could work as an abstract visualization of the outlines of a few pixels lighting up.


To learn about three different techniques one had to use the milling machine, the lasercutter and the 3D Printer to make three letters out of the word "DIGITAL CRAFT". I chose the letter G & D. The G I used two times to I could see the difference between 3D Printing and Milling.

3D Print

I 3D printed the letter G after making the 3D object in Maya. This wasn't my greatest experience but eventually I made it work. I took two G's and mirrored them. With the help of support material I could make the letter since there are a few areas that couldn't be printed otherwise. (Just like with the Milling Machine!)

Milling Machine

After that I used the milling machine with the same letter so I could see the difference of possibilities between the two machines. With this milling machine I couldn't make the letter as I planned it. With the use of the 3D printer I could print my letter as I envisioned it. Because the milling machine can't turn several degrees it couldn't take out the indents under the letters. This machine only can go up, down, left and right. Afterwards I spraypainted the foam silver metallic because then the foam wouldn't be dusting all over the place.


I opened the letter D in Illustrator and slowly made several copies of it that the letter grew smaller and closed up. After I cut this from the wood I glued the layers on top of each other and created a 3D object with a 2D printer. I kept this in a lasercut look because I thought it looked nice with the burned edges.


For our last assignment we had to make a printer, and it could be anything.

Drone Printer