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Mischa Lind -

-Image1: Any picture that fits under the title “ the moment I knew what I wanted to do” ; I saw an exhibition by Ed Atkins in 2012, his work showed me the possibilities of "new media" in contemporary art. I wanted to also explore all these new forms of making, and how they could form things with my current interests. Edatkins.jpg

-Image 2: What do you make? (Tell us in one image and three sentences about creative background); I started making short films, mostly about personality disorders. My work changed when i started to focus on neuroscience and free will. I started to make installations, in most of them the viewer must sit in a completely dark room. My last work i made with face capture (with the kinect) and animation software. Guilt.png

-Image 3: What is your topic of interest? Explain a past/current topic or what you wish to explore); The human brain is my main interest. Can we control our brain? Who makes decisions etc. Some neuroscientist say we have no free will, no influence on the decision making process in our brain. Comparing the brain to other systems with similar functions is also a topic i wish to explore. Neuro.jpg

-Image 4: What is your medium? (Explain what materials and tools you wish to use); I want to learn more about creative coding and of course the basics of electronics.