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Project's Base

My project is raising awareness about the radiomagnetic waves we are wearing all day. These articles were the reason for this (if you want to read them, romove the spations between the links under the images):

http:// www.kinderenenstraling .nl/bewust-omgaan -met-straling-wat-kan-ik-doen/straling-verminderen/telefoongebruik/
http:// www.metronieuws .nl/xl/digitaal/2016/02/ mobiel-in-broekzak-funest-voor-je-sperma
http:// mens-en-gezondheid.infonu .nl/kinderen/ 108513-straling-mobiele-telefoon-slecht-voor-gezondheid.html
http:// www.welingelichtekringen .nl/gezond/ 539274/waarom-je-je-telefoon-niet-in-je-broekzak-moet-stoppen.html


From the beginning on of this project I was looking at animals. Humans react nowadays way less to their gut feelings than animals - so if we can't feel anything of the radiation or don't wánt to feel, how do animals react? There are several written pieces about wireless devices and animals, I mainly used the book 'An electronic silent spring' from Katie Singer (2014). She writes about the impact of wireless devices on ants, bees, frogs and even trees. This information gave the form to how the little crawling robots should look like.

"When Cammaerts and Johansson put a mobile phone on standby mode under the ants’ nest, the ants left their nest immediately, taking their eggs, larvae and nymphs with them. They relocated far from the phone. Once the phone was removed, the ants returned to their original location. After thirty minutes of exposure to a Wi-Fi router, the ants’ speed changed again, as did their foraging behavior. It took them six to eight hours to resume normal foraging. Several ants never recovered and were found dead a few days later."


The idea was an installation like a room full of these little robots who would start to react with crawling when there would come some electrical devices in the room. It turned out I wasn't good for electro-techniques, so I wasn't going to make a room full of creatures before the deadline. Instead, I made a small video. Youtube link to the animation of the concept: https:/ /www. youtube. com/ watch?v=xkZIJ8Ce QkQ&

Zie de link


This little machine-part is a receiver of the electromagnetic spectrum; you can hear the waves and with a motor connected, it starts to move.

A working receiver