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Roos Janssen



Week assignments

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Final Project

I think it was quite funny that I chose digital craft as my practice. I always avoid working digitally, since I love working with my hands and often it just seems more logical to me. But in some way it also challenged me to think out of my comfort zone and also search where the line is between digital and analogue.

Even though I study photography, I consider myself an image maker and not a photographer. I always work with image but I filter, deform or simplify them. By doing so I try to create a new reality and challenge the viewer to think about what they see.

For this project I used one of my fascinations: Reflection. It all started when I went to Norway. I was mesmerized by the water, and the slight changes that the water made in the reflection. It was an ongoing loop of reality that changed. When I got back to Rotterdam I started noticing every single glass building, windows, doors, cars, trams and so on. While doing this project I even started noticing reflections on TV or Netflix series.

In my first search for inspiration I found a lot of work with mirrors. But I didn’t want to do something with that because I liked it better that the first purpose of the object isn’t to reflect but it has a different purpose. Like windows are for looking through, a chair is to sit on, a plate is to eat of. There are so many interesting reflections to see in the everyday thing that I found a mirror the too obvious choice.

I started out collecting video’s and photos of reflections or distortions in a reflection in my daily life. To me they were always there. I wanted to let someone else experience what I couldn’t not notice anymore. So I decided to make different shapes with some kind of reflective plastic, a spinning door idea and a platform to spin all the objects on, to experience the moving reflections.

When we had the assessment I knew I wasn’t done with this project yet. What I made was a good start I think but I would love to make it bigger and really make an installation out of it. So that is what I am going to do in the plusweeks. Next to the installation I want to dive a little more into the fascination and why it is there. During the assessment we talked about the ‘’anti digital’’ because there are no reflections in the digital world. Which was really interesting to me and I want to do some research about that. I also want to see what kind of materials would work for the installation and see what kind of movement is necessary to create the right effect.

Underneath you will find a pdf, a pinterest page and a link to a drive (for all the video’s) with inspiration and research.