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Hello, My mom and dad called me Ruben de Bruijn and I am a visual artist, philosopher, illustrator & graphic designer.

I am a maker because in my work I can escape to other dimensions and other realms. The process is for me the most important thing. Getting new ideas from the progress while your make. Or getting new ideas by doing nothing and just going out. Making is like an escape from normal reality. When your immersed in what you do you don't think about anything else that is useless. Also the more you make the more you get to know yourself and what you want and don't want. What you like and don't like. So you create your own identity. My work is a reflection of myself. I'm actually never sattisfied with what I have done, its never good enough. It can always be better, that's why I keep making because it needs to be better. It will eventually maybe never get to the point where I'm happy with my work but that's okay. Or that point might come in the future. I want to focus on drawing or painting big autonomous works where I work on for months and cover a width broad of topics. For this I do a lot of reasearch in the area of architecture, animals en plants&fauna. I like to write absurd texts and want to do more with that in the future.

A life without making* is a wasted life. (*in the widest meaning of the word) Imagination will always be better then reality.

So al my work is about myself and escaping my own thoughts. I made 2 lino's 2 woodburn and woodcut technique 1 lasercutted lampframe 1 attempt to make a carved illustration in a vase

Painting I made this quarter witch lies in the same line as the rest of the work, but it's not carved but made with acryl on 5x1,5m paper.

STATEMENT: ESCAPE & DESTROY, OR ACCEPT & FOCUS. I Feel something for both. I am a maker and I am not. I created my whole life. Iam not a craftsman and I learned that from this quarter. I only want to do what I feel like doing and that is drawing, painting of writing. When you don't have fun working on something it ain't good. Or it might be good but you don't care because you rather spend your time on something else. In my opinion 95% of the people don't know why they are doing something and have no vision of what they want. After everything I make I know more about what I want and what not. I am going to become a visionary artist. When you look at the deeper meaning behind the work and feel the soul of it you might see the process that I'm going through, which is a search for the big works that I am going to make in my life.

Example of my work: It's an utopian city that I draw and in the making I imagine the world in my head. I visualize it in my head and walk around there. Then what comes next I feel and it actually makes itself but uses me as a guide, a maker.


500x150cm Selfportrait - Between the buried and me - acrylics on paper


Lino: 300x400mm

A6 Kaartweb.jpg Linoportrait11.JPG Linoportrait1.jpg

I carved into a pot of a plant, it was very hard material so you cant work detailed but it turned out as an eggshell witch is about to crack. Eggcarving.jpg This work contains a selfportrait made with woodburn technique Mirrorwork.jpg

Woodburn1.jpg Woodburn2.jpg

Lino: 600x400mm

Rubenlino4.jpg Rubenlino2.jpg Rubenlino3.jpg Rubenlino1.jpg

This is the result of a lasercutted lamp. The lamp is a cube, it stand for myself because I build walls around me as a defense. You can't go in, there's only comming colourfull light out of it.

Lamp222.jpg Lamp.jpg

Four examples of craft with carving involved.

Rubendb2.jpg Rubendb1.jpg Rubendb3.jpg Rubendb4.jpg