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Name // Tharim Cornelisse
Email //
Major // illustration



My craft is finding things that tickle the senses, combine things that aren’t made to work together and make things that are interesting to use, see or listen to.

When I dive into a subject I like to surround myself with information, examples and inspiration on the subject. Most of the time I end up with a technique that interests me. For example when I was working on the MIND OF THE MACHINE project I took compression as a starting point and ended up with two techniques. Quadtree encoding and pixelators. When I find my techniques I look for different ways to use them and I try to link them to materials or other techniques which I like. From this point on I try to keep in mind some sort of visual result.

I like to combine techniques, materials and concepts to make a, to me, surprising or interesting result. Attending the digital craft minor really has shown me that most materials and techniques are not that hard to work with when you know what you want from them. I don’t master the complete techniques, but just the parts which I need. I find out where the two techniques or materials, which I want to combine, overlap and learn what I need to use the both of them together. While learning about these techniques I often find new directions and other things that I can use in my project.

I like to see my work being used. It is important to me that people can touch the work or use it’s function. It is something I can appreciate in other people’s work. The things I make should invite the spectator to interact with it, they are supposed to bring a input and the work shows them an output.

My craft doesn’t include specific techniques, but more a way of working. I think my craft benefits from newer technologies. The digital landscape is so different from the analog landscape. It gives a completely new way of making things. I work a lot with new technologies and try not to see it as something mysterious which I will never understand. New technologies make it so much easier for me to make the things I come up with. A lot of times they are the joints which hold my projects together.

After three years on the Willem de Kooning Academy I found out this quarter that my craft doesn’t include my major as much as I thought it would. I don’t consider myself a classic illustrator. I like to draw and work on 2d project, but also feel the urge to program, work with wood and make sounds. Things which I can do in the digital craft minor and will definitely use in my graduation project.

In the next quarter I want to work with sound. Sound is for humans the most important way of communicating. I am intrigued by the idea of sound carrying a message, whereas sound is just air moving. I would like to play around with different kinds of communicating via sound instead of talking or making this communicating in sound more visible.

Two works that I find very fascinating and which will be starting points for my next project are Esoterrorism made by Ole Nieling and the works of Zimoun.


Esoterrorism consists of a backpack with a FM radio transmitter and a modular synthesizer attached to it. With the backpack you can walk around and send them into the world via the FM transmitter. Ole questions the relationship that we have, with our newer technologies, with this old technology (FM radio). To him the FM aether becomes an empty space where everyone can say anything they want. Ole uses an older technology and masters it to make something new. I like how Ole visualises this space that is only made out of sounds and also treats the space as if it was a real material space.


Zimoun makes huge sound installations. His installations are, most of the time, a lot of soft sounds and movements working together to make these impressive experiences. The installations are fun to look at and are a, to me, perfect combination of sound design, visual design and spatial design.

In my next quarter I would love to see how I can combine space, sound and newer technologies like Zimoun and Ole Nieling do.


MINOR 2017