Week 2

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The basic building blocks

The building blocks

Every (electronic) device, even the most complex system, is build up out of a few high level building blocks. It is essential that you know about the four basic blocks and learn to identify them.

The four blocks that we need to learn:

* Power
* Input
* Control
* Output


We will use the [LittleBits] as a playful introduction to recognizing and working with the four basic modules. The LittleBits modules have a color which corresponds to the basic blocks we just defined:

* Power - Purple
* Input / Control - Pink
* Output - Green

At the end of the class every group should have made a little project (or larger project combined with an other group) consisting of at least an input and an output. Every group does a quick show and tell about:

* how does it work
* what are the different components you used