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Graphic Design

What is my craft? Position paper

I am interested in what stand can a graphic designer take when the work is influenced by machines? What stand can it take when the outcome is influenced by humans? Can the two influences come together in one project while there is still a graphic design function to be fulfilled? Or is it then curating? My craft is duality. I want to explore the fusion of both human and inhuman factors in thriving for an outcome. Where can there be an intersection or an interaction? In my craft, I want to create situations, experiences, and objects that either were created through collaborating with machine/human or they are only final when they are in interaction. I don`t want to design finished products. I want to design space for change in a framework defined by me. You be the change by touch, voice, motion or let the machine be the change by algorithms, randomness, programmes.

As a graphic designer I am trained to look at small visual details and make adjustments to them. I am interested in these details not just from a human perspective but how our new technologies enable us new ways of exploration. Graphic design for me is a media and a thinking process. I am fascinated by typography, shapes, colors, positioning and other visual treatments of elements. In my craft I try to open up this thinking process by embracing in it our other senses too. Interaction is a focal point of my works and I use coding to achieve it. In this setting I am curious to discover the visual effects that a computer can generate and how human interaction can still have effect on it. I also consider it an interesting practice to work with AI and it`s ability to process large quantities of data to arrive at solutions or conclusions. In these themes I am interested in delivering experiences where the viewer becomes involved in the creation process and has a direct influence on the outcome. My input becomes technology and it`s relation to our senses. I am curious about how technology enables machines to recognize, think, design (?) and how humans can create conditions for these interactions to happen. In my opinion when technology is used, interaction is already created, left for the designer - myself - is to make sure the conditions are the framework in which they happen.

Year 4

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Year 3


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Year 2

Candle holder out of the mould

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