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How to put Hybrid Publishing into practice?

With the Beyond Social project...

Hybrid Publishing workflow

Beyond Social requirements

  • online publication for Social Design
  • constant work-in-progress
  • contributions from outside WdKA
  • web and paper publication

Wiki - editing space

A web applications dedicated to collaborative content creation


Interview with Ward Cunningham - inventor of the first wiki

Wiki - positive aspects

  • anyone can become an editor
  • all content is public
  • revision system keeps track of each edit
  • enforces semantic structure. Making possible converting wiki pages to other formats (markups): HTML, EPUB, ICML, LaTex, etc
  • API can request wiki pages's content and metadata programmatically

Wiki - down sides

  • a flat space, made only of pages and users
    • how to organize a publication in this space?
    • what structures to adopt?
    • how to organize a workflow of authors, editors and proofreaders ?
  • messy, difficult to read and navigate
    • necessity for alternative reading spaces


Reading spaces - publications


How did we connect editing and reading spaces?


MA Media Design - Catalog

For 2015 graduation show Tempted by Tomorrow


Refugee Phrasebook

An open phrasebook for refugees

Rpb-working.jpg File:Phrasebook def def.pdf