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Reading and music listening habits

  • how do you get your music?
  • how do you get your books?

Post-digital moment

A moment analog and digital reading coexisting

Post-Digital Print Alessandro Ludovico

Post-digital publishing projects

Projects that embrace the 2 forms and establish a dialog between them - platform gathering Post-digital publishing projects.

Article Performing Publishing: Infrathin Tales from the Printed Web by Paul Soulellis

printing the web & ebooks

  • [#oneSecond (09.11.12 14:47:36 GMT)] - 5522 tweets sent within the same second printed in 4 books
  • Ebook Backup
  • Burned Books

portraying the book on the screen

book becomes digital, becomes paper again

Discussion in groups

  • Work in development
  • How can the work developed for the web exist also in physical?
  • How can the physical and analog publication make its way to the screen?

Assignment for vacation

  • bring a part of your book to your web project
  • bring a part of the Web project to the book

Next meeting

  • we'll place our your web project(s) online