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  • What happens when I navigate the web?
  • Enact the process that take place from opening a web-browser to getting a webpage.
    • (computer): Browser
    • Type URL to browser
    • URL: a request and address to that request
    • Server: receives the request, gets content for the request and sends it back to the browser
    • Browser gets the text content, "reads" it and displays it in a graphic form.


  • Internet and Web:
    • History of the Internet:

Critical Art Ensemble "Flesh Machine: Cyborgs, Designer Babies, & New Eugenic Consciousness" - Appendix (p.140) offers an concise description of the motivations behind the creation of the Internet.

  • Homepages
    • It was understood as the way you presented yourself on the Web world
    • Homepage used to be your home on the Web, now all very similar. my home on facebook is very similar to yours.
    • Geocities closure in 2009 - rescue of pages by Archive Team and screenshots added everyday under

  • Identity
    • Malleable: No one knows youŕe a dog
    • Static and unique: One single identity