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André Castro

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Publication Station

Role: stimulate digital publishing inside WdKA


Beyond Social


  • online publication on Social Design
  • constant work-in-progress
  • contributions from outside WdKA
  • web and paper publication

Beyond Social editing space

Wiki - A web applications dedicated to collaborative content creation


Wiki - positive aspects

  • anyone can become an editor/writor
  • all content is public
  • revision system keeps track of each edit
  • API can request wiki content and metadata programmatically

Wiki - down sides

  • primarily a writing space
  • as reading space is messy, hard to read and navigate
  • necessity for alternative reading spaces


Reading spaces - publications

Refugee Phrasebook

An open phrasebook for refugees, with the collaboration of many volunteers

Writing space

Online spread sheets


Editing Space


Where different versions, for different countries and language groups are compiled.


Design Process

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Arabic indesign nadine.png

WdKA contribution

  • translation
  • compilation
  • illustration
  • layout design
  • printing
  • folding
  • distribution

with the collaboration of many others ...

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Wdka 03 RPB.jpg

Wdka 04 RPB.jpg

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