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There are two stages involved in printing on the RISO. First Master creation, then Printing.

Step 1. Master Creation

with the Computer

  • Create a file or layer per colour you want to print in greyscale
  • Open your file


  • Place the colour(s) that you want into the RISO making sure that your chosen colour is in the left hand side. Don't know how?


  • Open the Print dialogue, or press Ctrl+P
  • Go to RISO IS300, and click "Settings"


  • Make sure that under Coloring you have selected the colours that you have inserted into the machine


  • Check and set any other settings you like (like paper size)
  • Place paper into the RISO


  • Press Print to create the master

Step 2. Printing

  • First make your Master(s) (see above)
  • Go to the screen on the RISO


  • Select Drum 1 or Dual-Color
  • Select Printing


  • Place your paper in the feed tray


  • Select how many copies you would like to make


  • Press the green button


Switching Colours

  • Open the front of the RISO
  • Press the green button to release the drums

Riso-colour-no.png Riso-colour-yes.png

  • Wait until the button is solid green
  • Roll out the colour that you wish to change


  • Pick it up by the green handles
  • Place it carefully ontop of another colour box
  • Take out the colour you wish to use
  • Place into the empty drum tray and roll it back in until it clicks closed
  • Close the door
  • Place un-wanted colour into now empty colour box
  • Print!