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  • Open Illustrator
  • Open your file
  • If you have text, make sure you have made them into outlines

Ai-text.png Ai-text-outlines.png

Plotter-roll-media.png Plotter-sheet-media.png

  • The plotter will show you the width of the roll, and measure the width and length of your sheet. Verify that your graphic in Illustrator is not bigger than the plot area


  • Open the CutStudioPlugin. Window>Extensions>RolandCutStudio
  • The preview box will show you what will be plot


  • Depending on the setting, you may have to select everything in your graphic you want to plot
  • When you're ready, click the button with the plotter graphic


  • If the plotter is detected, click "Cut"


Setting Media

When setting up the media you will need to do the following:

  • Set the rollers under the white markings.


  • When using a roll, place it in the holder at the base of the machine


  • Then feed the edge of the roll from the back to the front so that it is under the rollers


  • When using a sheet, feed it in making sure that it is under the rollers
  • Clamp the roll or sheet using the lever by pulling it towards you


Changing Pen/Blade

  • Loosen the blade holder by screwing the silver tightener anti-clockwise


  • If you are inserting a pen, make sure that when the holder is completely pressed the pen touches the surface you wish to draw on.


  • If you are inserting a blade, make sure that it is inserted as far as it can go.
  • Tighten the tightener by screwing it clockwise
  • Plot