Screenprint cleaning

From Publication Station

After exposing:

Use the hose to make booth side’s off the screen wet and rinse from the inside of the screen. Do this till you washed away all the non exposed emulsion.

Wash off ink after printing

With the hose rinse the inside off the screen to wash off the ink, use the spons to clean the screen from the ink on booth sides and rise again with water.

Clean screen from emulsion

Wash off the ink (see above) apply emulsion remover with a brush to both sides off the screen. Make circles with the brush and wash it in very thorough. Switch on the compressor and Use the water gun to blast the emulsion out of the screen. With a spons apply soft green soap to the screen wash it in form booth sides And use the water gum with the compressor on to clean out the left over inks.

Deep cleaning (anti ghost)

This is for the station staff to do. Wear protective clothes, gloves and eyewear. Apply anti-ghost gel with a scoopcoater to a dry screen on one side of the screen let the anti-ghost gel dry for 15 minutes (not longer) avoid that the screens come in contact with water let them dry outside the washing booth.

Use the water gum with the compressor switched on start at the bottom of the screen and work to the top to blast out everything that’s left in the screen. Turn the screen around And blast out wat is left over in the screen. Rise the screen with the hose the wash off the lest over anti-ghost gell before the place the screen back in the rack.