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emails to participants


Dear participants,
We are happy you'll be partaking in the Professional Development Publishing Workshop next Tuesday 8 March.

In order to make the workshop run smoothly we kindly ask you to install on you laptop the given software.

* Calibre - (Calibre a desktop ebook reader, converter, library manager and epub editor)
* Pandoc -  the file pandoc- (for Mac OsX). (Pandoc is a Markup (file) converter. It does not have a graphical interface, instead runs on you computer's terminal. 
Due of this, once you install Pandoc you wont see its icon in the Application menu. To confirm it is installed you can type "which pandoc"  in your computer terminal and press enter; if installed it will reply something like "/bin/pandoc")
* A plain-text editor (either one of these, or another of your preference):
    * Gedit
    * (Note: MS Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc are NOT Plain-text editors, but text processors that add style to the text. Plain text editors are often used by programmers, who need text to be plain text, without formatting).

If you don't have a laptop, around 10 Mac desktop computers are available in the room where the workshop will that place.

See you next week