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  • Download book-website structure
  • unzip master.zip
  • place `book-website-master/` in the folder dedicated to the publication

How to integrating changing content & website creation?

Our problem: like in inDesign we want to work on the identity and navigation of our website, while keeping the content updatable.

inDesign addresses this issue with the use of chapter styles.

How can it work for the website creation?

Website-inner outer.svg


The book-website try address this issue, with a quick'n'dirty JS+HTML system for loading html content from content.html into index.html, without a webserver.

NOTE: it will only work in Firefox; Chrome will refuse to so, due to same origin policies

The motivation to do so, is to allow content (in content.html) to be easily updatable, and decoupled from the rest of the webpage files.

Folder structure:

├── content.html    ----> CONTENT
├── index.html      ----> LANDING PAGE 
├── jquery-3.1.1.min.js 
├── load.js         ----> JS where content is loaded, sections and TOC are created
├── README.md
└── style.css       ----> CSS style info

  • content.html will store updatable content
  • style.css stores the CSS Making changes to CSS can be done in
  • index.html receives the content from content.html allows HTML (such as menus) to be added
  • load.js besides loading content, also includes a function which generates a Table-of-contents generate_toc, using the h1 elements to create entries:
    <li><a href="#id_of_firsth1">First h1</a></li>
    <li><a href="#id_ofsecond_h1">Second h2</a></li>