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This spring marks the 100 year legacy of the Bauhaus. And to commemorate, we’d like you to all loudly declare: The ultimate aim of all visual arts is the complete building!

Wait! What????

So goes the first sentence of the Bauhaus Manifesto. It sounds like it was written by an architect (it was).

Yet this proclamation, made in a fragmented and precarious post-war context, called for various makers to work collaboratively to create the new structure of the future. It called for an end of class distinctions between artists and producers, and encouraged all forms of knowledge to merge in the workshop.While Gropius’ call to ‘return to the crafts’ can be seen both radical and visionary, we must also acknowledge the modernist hope of building a world with man at it centre has also lead to dire social and environmental problems. We need to rethink our ideas surrounding craft and production.

To mark this 100 year anniversary and to launch the first introduction to digital craft, we call on you to not merely celebrate bauhaus, but to examine, critique, and in turn contemplate what a ‘return to the crafts’ could and should mean now. We need to construct a new paradigm for making.

What, how, with whom and for whom we are making. What our our collective goals? Where is our workshop? What is our media? And who are our collaborators (woman, man, plants, animals, machines)? A New Paradigm in Making is the context for P2 Digital Craft — where you as makers/thinkers will try to collectively define new maker movement.

In order to facilitate this making thinking, we will explore the school stations, adjecent forests, and we will partner up with Het Nieuwe Instituut as a place to explore and present ideas being around the context of the upcoming exhibition Neuhaus. You will will also examine the long history of collective practice and try to formulate a collective concept suited to our present times.


At the end of the 3 week period you will (within groups of ~5 students) make a collective performance, where:

- a new manifesto will be declared, - an installation showing how a forest could become your making partner - and a collection of fragmented knowledge can be published

This will result into a collective practice mark.

In addition to this 1min individual video explaining the context, concepts, existing theory, and personal motivation/agency/urgency for making will be the result of your theory mark.


Kick off - Money 13 May @ 10:30 (in the drawing station) Week 1 (13-17 May) - THE WHOLE WEEK -EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!

Week 2 (20-25 May) - INDEPENDENT STUDY (self-organised working periods within your group)





Eden Mitsenmacher e.e.mitsenmacher@hr.nl

Practice Project 1

Ivan Henriques i.martins.henriques@hr.nl

Practice Project 2

Jon Stam j.m.stam@hr.nl