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Fantastic Forgeries


Fantastic Forgeries is the first practice-based project of the specialisation in Digital Craft. Fantastic Forgeries presents alternate histories of material culture through the research and evaluation of existing artefacts – and their appropriation, transformation and remaking. Fantastic Forgeries uses historical crafted objects as a departure point to reflect on the status and practice of craft in our contemporary society. The objects will be used as tools to examine traditional ways of making as well as a formal, tactile, and decorative inspiration to compare when stretching the boundaries of digital fabrication.

Over the next three weeks you will explore into the rich past of Dutch material culture though the Applied Arts and Design collection of the museum Boijmans van Beuningen. You will choose an artefact that speaks to you through its form, function, and its surrounding folklore. You will experiment with various scanning, modelling and production technologies in order to support the crafting of your own detailed copy of your chosen piece. The idea is to make your replica or 'fake' as convincing as possible by reproducing key detail or ideas behind the work, before breaking it open into a series of iterations that alter the form and content of the artefact. Can new rituals come about by removing the form out of its original context? Can more critical, relevant, or flamboyant objects arise by imagining and inventing new contexts and new users? At the end of the practice project, the resulting class collection will be turned into a Museum of Fantastical Forgeries.


Tuesday 15 May - 11:00-12:00 - Introduction Tuesday 15 May - 13:00-15:00 - Planning the heist @ the Boijmansmuseum (choose 2-3 artefacts)

Tuesday 15 May - 15:00-16:00 - discussing your findings Group A - Museum Park

Tuesday 15 May - 16:00-15:00 - discussing your findings Group B - Museum Park

Wednesday 16th - carrying out your museum heist

Thursday 17th - preparing your forgeries

Friday 18th - 11:00-12:00 - Designer Lecture Anais Borie & Aram Lee - WH.02.316

Friday 18th - 13:00-17:00 - Guest Mentoring Anais Borie & Aram Lee - WH.02.320

Monday 28th - production of your copy

Tuesday 29th - 11:00-12:00 - Research Talk / Wiki Workshop - WH.02.108 (Interaction Station)

Tuesday 29th - 13:00 - 17:00 - Copy Due, mapping workshop, mentoring session - WH.02.110 (Interaction Station)


1 images of your selected art work

1 image of a place that is relevant to the work

2 image of something somehow relevant to your chosen work from around the same time

2 image of something somehow relevant to your chosen work from 100 years or more prior

2 image of something somehow relevant to your chosen work from within the last 2 years

3 key words that sum up the meaning of the work

3 textual quotes you have found that are interesting while investigating your work

3 textual lies you have made up that make the work more interesting

3 sketchs/renderings/collages that depict a radical new context for the work


Thursday 7th - 11:00-14:00 - Setting up the museum of fantastic forgeries - WH.02.110 (Interaction Station)

Thursday 7th - 11:00-14:00 - Feedback

New Schedule for presentation, Thursday 7th of June

13.00-14.00 : Group 1, Nilou, Rebecca, Daphne, Loriel, Lara, Lorance

14.00-15.00 : Group 2: Lianne, Roos, Floor, Sophie, Noelle, Door

15.00-16.00 : Group 3: Luca, Sammie, Lotte, Ervin, Juliet, Annick, Elise

16.00-17.00 : Group 4: Jamie, Lianne, Bart, Lisa, Charlotte, Sophie J, Leonie, Mariska


Group B

Annick Sickinghe 0929658 annick.sickinghe@live.nl
Elise Cai 0926945 elisecai@hotmail.com


The deliverables for this practice-based project are as follows:

Research Deliverables

  1. A designed method to 'steal' and 'copy' from the museum (Week 1);
  2. A visualisation of your research process though mapping, iteration, and storytelling (Week 2).
  3. A 500 word statement defining your position of what where your specific 'craft' lies in relation newer technologies (Week 2);

Practice Deliverables

  1. # A reproduction of (the texture, form, idea or process) your chosen artefact from the Boijmans collection using digital fabrication technologies (Week 3);
  2. A well-fabricated contemporary transformation of your chosen object of the Boijmans collection, positioned in a new context (Week 3);


The Museum of Fantastic Forgeries presentation will be presented as an exhibition, where you will have 5 min to present your work to the class. In your presentation you are required to:

  1. Critically reflect on your process, pointing to the knowledge and skills learned;
  2. Connect your projects to practices of both craft and technology;
  3. Frame your research and practice based results within the context of the assignment;
  4. Defend the relevance and potential of your research and practice based results.