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Quarter 9 is all about introductions about the topic Radiation and all of this information is found here.

Antenna Workshop

The first workshop started the first day; where we were about to make an antenna ourselves by using our cellphones as radiation-object.

0864867 Week1 AntennaSketch1.jpg

0864867 Week1 AntennaSketch2.jpg 0864867 Week1 AntennaSketch3.jpg

Example: 0864867 Week1 CircuitExample.jpg

We had to choose one out of the three and I made the Battery Circuit together with Alkenah and Mattijn.

0864867 Week1 BatteryCircuit.jpg 0864867 Week1 BatteryCircuitWorking.jpg

We had to put our cellphones on the 2G network to be able to let the LED glow, which worked perfectly, the LED started blinking by the radiation of calling someone.

Hertzian Tales