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The Doge

Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures

of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and internal monologue captions on Tumblr.

These photos may be photoshopped to change the dog’s face or captioned

with interior monologues in Comic Sans font. ><


- Comic Sans

- Bad grammar

- Monolog

- Hysteria

- Dog with a human expression

- Deformation

- Remix

- Repetition

What if the meme was used within a topical serious context ?

Refugee doge

With context as our overal theme we created a multi layered meme

which contains the opinions of certain groups within the western community.

Depending on the context we make our decisions wether we agree with

something or not.

The current situation in the middle-east is in a few ways similar to the second

world war. We take the refugees as a subject to use for our installation. By making

one image of the two events we create a different dimension in which the same

comments generate an ethical concern.


Unravel the Code




Walking with an iPhone in your pocket will trace more than you think.
Google Maps for instance will trace all your activities and is actually looking at you all the time.
This is something we used for our research.
We have been looking at people’s behaviour while they weren’t aware of us looking up close to them.
We have researched
We have the possibility to view all kind of places through security camera’s of other people who didn’t change their password.



This piece would be a device which allows you to connect you to the nearest security camera.
The idea is that a code will register your location. Depending on that location, it will connect
you with the nearest security camera.

Due to the time, technical issues and other ideas we decided not to do this project. We are still interested in the fact
that we can view a lot of cameras online. We will keep that in mind for our new idea.



From the beginning on, we were really focussed on one shop. We couldn't find the name of the shop,
but we knew we wanted to do something with this particular shop. We recorded a lot of footage and watched
it later. This was one of the most lively locations viewable on the website.

The fact that nobody knows we are watching them gave us a feeling of big brother.
There is a big difference of course. In the Big Brother type of show, people know they are watched
by thousands of people.

While we were watching some footage of the shop, we soon started to make our own characters.
We figured out who worked in the shop. This started to evolve into our new idea.

We wanted to start a reality show, starring the people working in the shop and their costumers.
The first idea was to make a show from the footage that we had gathered during this project.
Making a whole show, using only one camera, and no sound would be hard, and spreading our
message wouldn't be clear. So we decided to make a commercial about our show. The show itself
would just be the link to the website were you van view the shop.



This picture displays the people working in the shop.



We designed to logo's. One for the Insecam website and one fot "Het Winkeltje", which is the name of our show.
We wanted a high contrast between the two logo's because the logo for the show itself was something different from
the website providing the footage.

Unravel the Code



Stijn van Aardenne / Meike Brand

For this assignment we were put in the visual group. Our task was to design a technology to mediate a visual memory
We were both interested in how we process the thousands of photo's we see every day.

Soon our first idea came up, can we show people about 50 photo's in 20 seconds a make them remember a certain
image? Can we point our viewers in a certain direction? We did a few tests. We had a folder containing a bunch of pictures.
One of the images would appear more than te others, trying to keep it in our memory.

We found that this project wasn't really what we wanten to do. Still interested in the sensory memory overload, we took a look at Instagram
We were both semi active on this social network and had the same idea about it. We see so many pictures, and about all of them
we forget in seconds. Why are we viewing these pictures if were not even able to save them in our long term memory?

We wanted to show the impossible, we wanted people to see the thousands of "memories" uploaded each second. We created an account and
started to follow as much people as possible.


Trying to get an account were there were uploaded multiple images per second, with this info we could multiply this A LOT of times to get the totall number of images uploaded.
This didn't work out well. But we still had the idea. If this couldn't work we could make it our own with numbers we made up. Just to "visualize" our idea.

The final idea was to create two boxes. One with a visual and one with audio. The one with the visual would show the all the pictures that one of us sees on their account.
With this we show the massive amount of pictures we get to see as a single user. The box with the audio would generate a sound that would visualize / soundalize (?)
All the pictures uploaded to Instagram every second.


For the sound we created a random sound generator in MAX MSP.


We made two boxes, both with horns. One to amplify the sound, and the other to get more focus on the tiny screen inside.