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Examples brought in by Roel

Dreaming about..

persistent storage

which might mean the information outlives you and someone might read your message who speaks another language.. lives in another time.. isn't even human..

Some examples of attempts at 'universal' messages:

The Arecibo Message

The Vogayer Disk

The Pioneer Plaque

questions to ask: if we're communicating with unknown species in the distant future, what is essential for them to know about us? The Voyager disk for example included an image of a woman in a supermarket as one of the important things to communicate on what it means to be human.

conventions for the meanings of 0s and 1s

How we translate 0s and 1s into information is essentially trivial, but we make international conventions to agree what means what.

Here's a chart of ascii encoding, showing the 'standard' for representing ascii characters in binary.

But one could also encode other things.. how about images?

The unicode consortium produces standard encodings for 'standard' images; emoticons.

translating 0s and 1s visually

the 32 bit are 4x8 or 8x4;