A2 printers

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1. Paper choice

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  • Choose the kind of paper you want to use, matte, glossy or luster. There are two printers, one for matte and another for glossy and luster. Choose the size and the weight of your paper

2. Place the paper in the printer

File:A2 glossy.jpg[[File:]]

  • Place the paper in the lower “drawer” of the printer. Open the drawer by pulling it out. Once out, place the paper within the purple marks. Make sure that those marks are touching the paper but not bending it. Glossy and luster paper need to be placed with the shiny face down. With matte it does not matter. Close the drawer.

[[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]

3. On the computer


  • Once in the computer, make sure that the MIRAGE application is not already open, if it is, close it. Drag your file to the icon that corresponds with your type of paper and size.


  • On MIRAGE make sure your files appear on the lower left corner. There you can choose the number of copies and, in case you are printing more than one image, arrange the order in which they will be printed.

4. Check properties


  • Check the properties of the print. One important thing is to check the size of the file. The preview will show you how it will end up on the paper.


  • Select the quality on which you are going to print, low, normal or high. The higher the quality the longer it takes. There is not much difference between normal and high in terms of quality, although the latter takes a lot longer.

5. Hit Print