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On this page you will find a series of guides to create short animations combined into one. You will be adding Scrips into Adobe After Effects.
For this demo I chose the words 'Visual Coding' + square shape + the colours #260340 and #d3e52b on a 5:4 canvas ratio.

Guide: Text Reveal/ Countdown

This short assignment demonstrate how to create a generative text animation.
Countdown s.gif

skills wiggle expression
time to complete 10 minutes

step 1
write text on your background (or solid background layer for creating GIFs).
center your anchor point [ - command double-click on your anchor icon - ]

step 2
open your text layer > animate > character offset

step 3
Alt + Stopwatch >wiggle (4,40)

step 4
Range Selector >offset
Stopwatch on 0% >keyframe 100%
Adjust keyframe to you will: closer to the beginning for shorter countdown, further for longer countdown.

step 5
Advanced > Random order ON
Random seed: 6


=== TIP === You can use the 'wiggle' expression to create a random color text animation as well! follow >>this tutorial

Guide: Multiple Wiggles

This short assignment demonstrate how to adjust multiple layers at the same time.
WiggelingSquares s.gif

skills wiggle expression
layer control expression
time to complete 17 minutes

step 1
create multiple shape on your background/ solid.

step 2
add a Null layer > rename it 'control'.

step 3
add Expressions Effect > Slider Control to your control layer.

step 4
add another slider with command D and name them: Time and Position.
add values to each slider. you can change and adjust these values later.
Lock the Effects panel to keep it visible.

step 5
Open the top layer's Position and Alt-click the Stopwatch.
Write wiggle and keep the brackets empty.
connect the values with the Time , Position sliders using the PickWhip.

step 6
control-click (right-click) the Position stop watch > select 'Copy Expression Only'

step 7
select all there rest of the shape layers > paste.

step 8
You can now adjust the wiggle values of all the layers together.

Guide: Font Weight animation

This guide demonstrates how to animate text weight by using and editing a given code.
You can follow the original tutorial showing 3 ways to animate text weight >>here (expression Strats at 6:51)


skills copy-paste-and-adjust code
layer control expression
time to complete 21 minutes

step 1
Add a solid layer and add text layer. Choose a typeface with multiple weights.

step 2
add a Null object > rename it 'control'.

step 3
add a Slider Control effect to the Null layer > rename it 'font weight'.

step 4
click your text layer drop-down arrow > open the 'TEXT' drop down menu.

next to the Source stop watch alt(Option)-click > paste in the following code:

var array=[







]; r = Math.round(thisComp.layer("control").effect("font weight")("Slider")); style.setFont(array[r]);


step 5
adjust the code content - change the names of the fonts to your own selection.

step 6
mark inside the brackets of r=Math.round() from (thisComp to "slider")> connect the whip-pick next to the code with the font weight slider. your text and null layer should now be connected.

step 7
start animating: set the slider on 0 and the indicator in the beginning of the timeline. click the stop-watch next to the slider under the control layer.
your text and null layer should now be connected.
move forward in time and set the control slider on 5 (when using 6 fonts). go further in time and set it bak to 0.

Recommended Tutorials

You can watch our pre-tested video tutorials to create the above and more.
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