Export to pdf

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The fastest way to make a PDF from a JPG file is:

  • right mouse / control click in Finder on your document and go to Quick Actions. Choose create PDF.
  • For more control, read text below.

When making a PDF from Canva or Procreate, it is not always printable. To be sure it is printable, open the file in Acrobat. Go to Edit > Preflight. Choose the PDF/X version and then the first option. Click on Analyse and fix, change the name (I always add XA to the name). If red crosses appear, your file was not printable, but probably fixed now.

To print a magazine, alway export single pages, never spreads. Be sure the total amount of pages is dividable by four. So: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 pages. If you have more pages, consider glue binding of hand binding. The official way to handle all pictures you placed in your InDesign document is to have the originals in approximately the right size and changed to 300 dpi.


go to file> export

Export InDe 1.png

choose format> Adobe PDF (Print)

Export InDe 2.png

choose preset PDF/X1a:2001
choose the relevant or all pages
export as pages, not spreads, for single pages and booklets

Export InDe 3.png

if needed, you can add crop marks and export!

Export InDe 4.png


go to file> save as

Export Illu 1.png

choose format> Adobe PDF

File:Export Phot1b.png

you can select specific pages or all of them

Export Illu 5.png

choose preset PDF/X1a:2001

Export Illu 6.png

if needed, you can add crop marks and save!

Export Illu 8.png


go to file> save as

Export Phot 0.png

choose format> Photoshop PDF

Export Phot 1b.png

choose preset PDF/X1a:2001

Export Phot 2b.png

under 'output' choose no color conversion > save PDF!
Export Phot 3b.png


Click on the Tools button> select menu Share

Export from procreate step 1.jpg

Share Image> PDF

Export from procreate step 2.jpg

choose PDF quality> Best

Export from procreate step 3.jpg

from here you can: Save to Files, Print directly with the iPrint app, or AirDrop Export from procreate step 4.jpg


go to file> save as

File:Export Word 1.png

choose format> PDF

Export Word 2.png

select 'best for printing' > export!

Export Word 3.png


To turn your iPhone snapshots into PDFs follow the following steps.

Open your iPhone Photo app and find the photo you want to PDF. Select the image and click the Share icon. You can select more images.

Choose the Print option (it should be at the bottom of your options list) Iphone2pdf-2.png
Tap and hold on the image this opens your image as a preview.

Tap on your image; this opens your image in a PDF viewer.
Tap the Share icon again once you're in the PDF viewer.

You can use airdrop to share the PDF file.