From Publication Station

Preparing the copper plate

The copper plate can be bought from the Metal Workshop tip: Instead of copper plate you can use any material that you can scratch on (for example juice cardboard box)

  • Bevel the corners of the copper plate
  • Polish the plate with Brasso and a cloth
  • tip: pay special attention to the corners
  • Degrease the plate with Ketjap Manis (Fermented Soja)
  • spread the Ketjap on the plate and using the soft side of a sponge
  • disclaimer: do not clean the sponge with water
  • Wash the plate with water and dry it with a clean cloth and put it in the oven for 10 minutes to dry completely
  • Cover the plate with a ground we use a thin layer of Pledge (mixed with ink to make the wax not transparent) and leave it to dry

Transferring your design

  • Draw on top of the wax by scratching it lightly

disclaimer: everything you scratch on the plate will be mirrored after printing

  • Attach a long stripe of clear tape to the back of the plate
  • Put the plate in the Etching Bath

tip: use the long strip of clear tape to prevent your plate of sinking in the etching bath

  • Rinse your plate with water and remove the tape
  • Put the plate in a Dasty bath for 10 minutes
  • Rinse the plate with water and let it dry completely